Academic Resources and Support

Helping you reach your potential isn't just our committment to you - it's our privilege.

Our community is wonderfully diverse in knowledge and talent, but we recognize that no two students learn the same way, react to situations alike, or adjust to college life similarly. We all need support at different times. The Division of Academic Resources and Student Success, located in the Diane M. Halle Library, provides services and programs to help students become happier, more successful Gulls!

Academic Support Centers

Accessibility Services

Endicott College seeks to provide a supportive environment for students, staff, and faculty, and is committed to providing equal access to educational programs and services.

Advising Services Center

In addition to a faculty advisor, all students have access to the Advising Services Center, which serves as an additional resource in the advising process.

Student Success Office

If you are thinking of transferring, taking a leave of absence, or leaving the College for any reason, please come to the Office of Student Success.

Student Support Center

Learning consultants work with students to convert academic tasks into action stages. Students gain universal learning skills that they can apply to all of their classes whenever needed.

Tutoring Center

Tutoring sessions can cover topics including test review, homework assistance, study skills, time management, and reinforcing concepts presented in the classroom.

Writing Center

Writing Center sessions offer support for writing assignments in any class and can also help with presentation and public speaking skills, and the formatting and design of visual, spatial, and audio compositions.

Academic Catalogs and Calendar

Find important academic dates and explore all of Endicott's programs and policies.

Academic Technology

Academic Technology workshops for faculty, students and staff are offered throughout the academic year. You can also get support for your laptop or iPad, and learn more about campus computer labs, media and AV services and the Digital Media Center.

Halle Library

The Diane M. Halle Library is the academic heart of campus.

Located in the heart of the campus, the Halle Library is a major academic support unit for the undergraduate College and the Van Loan School.

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