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Endicott Alumni Lend Professional Expertise to Students through Gull2Gull Mentoring Program

Networking event on campus
Gull2Gull Mentoring Program helps to develop the skillset and careers of current students and alumni.

The Gull2Gull Mentoring Program at Endicott is a unique opportunity that matches current students with College alumni based on their work histories and career interests. After collecting information about student’s career goals, interests, and extracurricular involvement through the application process, the Career Center matches prospective mentees with alumni mentors – ultimately, allowing both to grow in their professional fields.

The mentor and student mentee are required to commit to a year-long, one-on-one mentoring relationship with the purpose of creating a professional, mutually beneficial partnership. Students benefit by receiving career advice and guidance from their mentor, as well as developing their professional skillset. Mentors benefit by reconnecting to the Endicott community, gaining a fresh perspective on their fields, and having the opportunity to positively affect the professional growth of a young leader.

Still wondering if the program is for you? Hear from some of our current mentors and past mentees on how the Gull2Gull Mentoring Program has helped to further develop their career – or jumpstart it:

My sister and I, both Endicott alums, joined the Gull2Gull mentorship program this year and we enjoyed it very much. The exposure current students gain to the real world and working environment is immeasurable and we wanted to help expose students to our careers and our day to day activities.” – Sharon Phelan ’07 (Mentor)

Being an older alumni, the benefit to me is getting a reality check from young professionals ready to enter the workforce, what business or technical tools have they been taught?  What are their interests, geographical choices, are they making economic-based or passion-based career decisions?” – Dawn Morton ’87 (Mentor)

To form a connection with somebody already successful in the real world, is an invaluable opportunity. They will get a bit of a blueprint as to how to start post-college life, and what to look for when checking out jobs.” – Zach Weiss, ’18 (Mentee)

This experience showed me job possibilities I was unaware of and offered me tips to use to advance my career faster. Shadowing my mentor and attending mentorship events helped me to practice my networking skills and become comfortable speaking to high level professionals.” - Lauren Hervieux ’18 (Mentee)

My mentor and I met almost every other week to have lunch and review my resume and cover letters. The professional insight that he had was a different perspective from the traditional career center help and feedback.” – Connor Costello ’17 M’18 (Mentee)

All mentor and mentee applications are due by Friday, September 21. Contact Kate Chroust at to learn more.