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Endicott Ranked Top College for Employment in Massachusetts

Male student pictured in front of the Fox25 newsroom while on internship.
All undergraduate students, like Matt Leighton '18 (pictured) who interned at Fox25 News, are required to complete three experiential learning opportunities.

Endicott College, once again, is proud to be recognized among the top institutions for employment in the United States.

Career expert website Zippia recently used public data to formulate the best college for employment in every state, and Endicott College ranked eighth nationally with a 95.309 percent placement rate. Wrote Zippia's McLeod Brown, "Alright, we’re serious this time. Endicott College may have the best looking campus in the country. Just do yourself a favor and google it. With 90 percent of employed graduates working in careers related to their major, the #views aren’t the only reason to attend Endicott."

Endicott's percentage rate is also positioned above all other Massachusetts institutions.

Endicott's Nationally-Recognized Internship Model

Internships and Careers

At Endicott, future employment is a top priority thanks to its proven four-year internship program which is consistently ranked by U.S. News and World Report on their annual list of colleges and universities that require students to apply what they are learning outside the classroom through an internship or co-op experience. Students begin with a 120-hour internship as freshmen, followed by a sophomore-year 120-hour internship. Juniors then take a strategies course, which prepares them for their semester-long senior internship with adviser-led training on researching positions, assessing their resumes, applying, interviewing, participating in mock interviews, and making the most of an internship.

"In job interviews, our students don’t only talk about their skills from a classroom perspective, they’re able to share real experiences of how they applied and strengthened certain skills during internships."
Eric Hall
Dean of the Internship and Career Center

Endicott graduation 2017 stats.

Endicott's required internship model boosts return on investment, as demonstrated by the College's data on 2017 graduates. The large majority of students who gain full-time employment do so within 12 months of their graduation, which includes 75 percent of the Class of 2016.

Zippia's statistics come from public data set from the College Scorecard to calculate a placement rate. The scorecard merges information from the U.S. Department of Education's Federal Student Aid with tax returns from the U.S. Treasury. The placement rate is calculated based on a group of students who entered the college 10 years ago, borrowed through federal loan programs, and are not currently in deferment. This shows the percent of those individuals who are employed as of the most recent tax year.