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Letter from the President

I am delighted to share that the fiscal year 2021–22 featured impressive and important breakthroughs for Endicott College. There are numerous indicators of Endicott’s strength and momentum: setting records in each key admissions category, winning 13 team CCC championships, launching new academic programs, and establishing a new single-year high watermark for gifts and pledges are all evidence of Endicott’s vibrancy. This vibrancy is a credit to the leadership, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, friends, and, in a special way, students who demonstrated extraordinary commitment, resilience, and optimism during this challenging period.

Philanthropy played a pivotal role in our successful year and is critical to our ambitious plans for the future, especially as we launch Spread Your Wings: The Campaign for Endicott College. Landmark commitments from our Board Chair Melissa Hempstead ’69 and Cummings Foundation paved the way for the Hempstead Commons and the new Cummings School of Nursing & Health Sciences building. Our annual Giving Day campaign successfully leveraged the power of community to generate support for programs in every corner of campus. The generosity of the Endicott community continues to grow and is an important source of strength and confidence, emboldening us to dream bigger and push further.

As the 2022 Commencement Ceremony, Secretary of Labor and former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh couldn’t help but marvel at Endicott graduates for their reputation for being prepared to cope and thrive in the “real world” that awaits them following graduation. The world is taking note of Endicott and the support of our friends is a major reason why. Thank you!

I am grateful for your shared vision and dedication to our past, present, and future Gulls. Your support and engagement is an essential pillar of our success and allows us to fulfill our mission of building bold leaders with entrepreneurial spirit.

We will continue to grow and meet the challenges set before us as we shape the future of Endicott, together.

In gratitude,

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Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D.



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