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In Memoriam/In Honor

Contributions to Endicott are a beautiful way to memorialize and celebrate loved oens. The following individuals have made gifts in honor or in memory of those who have made a difference in their lives.

In Memoriam

  • In Memoriam

    In Memory of Decelina & Philip Accordino

    Michael Accordino P’23 ∆


    In Memory of William Baxter

    Linda D'Attilio ∆


    In Memory of Dr. George Bierkoe and Dean Eleanor Tupper

    Karen Engeseth ’57 ∆


    In Memory of Sean Bisighini ‘11

    Kelly Forrister '09


    In Memory of Nadine Bolen ’06 P’07

    Sharon Bolen & Robert Bolen, Jr. ∆

    Frank Celani ∆

    Sarah Cruse ∆

    Jennifer Lambert '07 ∆

    Christine Spaziano '98 ∆


    In Memory of Judith Bright MH’62

    Carol (Clifford) Lyonnais MH'62 ∆


    In Memory of Julie Page Burnheimer'75

    Scott Burnheimer ∆


    In Memory of Laird Carlson

    Dr. Sara Quay ∆


    In Memory of Brian Caruso ‘02

    Cheri Caruso


    In Memory of Bourke Corcoran

    Merlyn & Bourke Corcoran ∆


    In Memory of Cynthia Deems ‘64

    Claiborne (Moore) Dickinson '64 & Charles Dickinson


    In Memory of Ted Eaton

    Steven Carhart & Dr. Martha Farmer ∆


    In Memory of John Hanley

    Thomas Hanley, Jr ∆


    In Memory of Irene (Trzuskowski) Hogan '53

    William Applegate

    Michael Dalesandre

    Josephine DuBiel


    In Memory of Paul Hong

    Pamela (Potterton) Buell '61 ∆


    In Memory of Carolyn (Hrubo) James ‘72

    Linda Schneider


    In Memory of Christina Lowell

    Grace Chute '23 ∆


    In Memory of Aidan McCusker '19

    Amy Cohn ∆

    Christine Galatis ∆


    In Memory of George H. Mead, Jr.

    Dorothy Baker ∆


    In Memory of Ann (Creamer) Muller '72

    Margaret Mooney '72 ∆


    In Memory of Warren O’Brien

    Stephanie & James Popkin P'23 ∆


    In Memory of Deborah (Lambert) O’Meara ‘50

    Rionach McKersie


    In Memory of Gail (Anderson) Rodgers '58

    Fontaine (Jones) Velz '58 ∆


    In Memory of Craig Sampson, III

    Chiuho Sampson & Craig Sampson, Jr. ∆


    In Memory of Stephen Slocomb

    Noreen Slocomb '88


    In Memory of Dr. Richard E. Wylie

    Courtney Graham '12

    Luis Stephens '05 ∆

In Honor

  • In Honor

    In Honor of Alhambra Hall

    Gift of Denise Accordino P'23 ∆


    In Honor of Erin Bourgeois '23

    Emily Proulx '23


    In Honor of Hannah Clewes '19

    Lisa & Gregory Clewes P'19


    In Honor of Amy Cohn

    Davi Axinn Levine ∆ *


    In Honor of Conner Couchot '17, M'18

    Lori & David Couchot P'17, '20


    In Honor of Evan Couchot '20

    Lori & David Couchot P'17, '20 *


    In Honor of Anthony D'Angelo

    Jennifer & Rodney Uyeda P'25 ∆ *


    In Honor of Rosemarie Day

    Aaron Morrison


    In Honor of Elliott Diesenhaus '06

    Theodore Diesenhaus & Deanne Shapiro P'06 ∆


    In Honor of Dr. Steven R. DiSalvo & Eileen DiSalvo

    Margaret Janes ∆


    In Honor of Endicott College Campus Police

    Marilyn & Gary Mittleman P'26 ∆ *


    In Honor of Clarese Gardiner ‘25

    Melissa Stetson P'25


    In Honor of Amanda Gilbert ‘22

    Tammy & Rod Gilbert P'22 ∆ *


    In Honor of Mary (Thompson) Grassi ‘72

    Gordon Thompson ∆


    In Honor of Melissa Hempstead ‘69

    Katie Schottland ∆


    In Honor of Myles John ‘25

    Lisa Cameron *

    Zisca St. Clair *


    In Honor of Lindsay Joubert '23 M'24

    Elaine Boomhower ∆ *


    In Honor of Jessica (Chabot) Kama ‘13

    Lori & Earl Chabot P'13 ∆


    In Honor of Lifelong Friends and the Class of 1972

    Marguerite (Marston) Gulielmetti '72


    In Honor of Gabriella Masse '16

    Nancy & James Masse P'16


    In Honor of Brett Morris '24

    Rhonda & Wayne Morris P'24, '25 ∆ *


    In Honor of Matthew Morris '25

    Rhonda & Wayne Morris P'24, '25 ∆ *


    In Honor of Lindsay O'Toole

    Austin Sale


    In Honor of Emily Proulx '23

    Erin Bourgeois ‘23 *


    In Honor of Barritt & Lydia Peterson

    Ellen Gimbel '57 ∆


    In Honor of Amy Rosenfeld-Kass '94

    Mordecai Rosenfeld P'94 ∆


    In Honor of Andrew Toland '25

    Mary Toland P'25 ∆ *


    In Honor of Amanda Tsapatsaris

    Bridget (Buckley) Ferolito '05 and John Ferolito P'26


    In Honor of Brian Wightman '23

    Lisa & John Wightman P'23 ∆ *


    In Honor of Erica (Hamilton) Wimpory '15 M'16

    Wendy & Richard Hamilton P'15 ∆


    In Honor of Juliet Winstone '24

    Kassandra & Michael Winstone P'24 ∆


(D) – Deceased
P – Parent
GP – Grandparent
MH – Malden Hospital School of Nursing Alumna/us
∆ – Cornerstone Society Member
* – Gull Club Donor
^^ – Gull Ambassador

Names in bold type are those who contributed $500 or more