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International Education Program with Concentration in Technology Integration (M.Ed.)

  • Program Overview

    M.Ed. in International Education with Concentration in Technology Integration (36 Credits)

    Endicott College offers a Master of Education in International Education with a concentration in technology integration. It is designed to raise the competencies of educators in all fields by incorporating technology into schools and classroom settings.

    Curriculum covers the use of computer-mediated communications, management, and instructional technologies of educators and support personnel with the ultimate goal of helping students achieve their highest potential and to prepare for a rapidly changing world.

    This flexible program can be completed in 13 months or over an extended period of time to meet your personal requirements.

    *The program of studies comprises six online and six face-to-face courses which are delivered during the following time periods. Students may begin their studies at any time of year.

    • Spring (January-May) Two online courses
    • Summer (July) Three face-to-face courses
    • Fall (September-December) Two online courses
    • Spring (January-May) Two online courses
    • Summer (July) Three face-to-face courses

    *Given the uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision to offer the 2021 summer courses online, rather then onsite, in order to ensure the health and safety of out students and instructors. 

    Note: The international education/technology integration concentration program is NOT linked to Massachusetts teacher licensure.

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  • Curriculum

    Admission Requirements

    International Education M.Ed. candidates should follow application procedures at

    Program of Study

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program, students will:

    1. Significantly increase their competencies in incorporating technology into schools and classroom settings, with a view on student improvement​
    2. Assess and improve their skills in the use and troubleshooting of computer-mediated communications, management and instructional technologies of educators and support personnel, with an emphasis on both hardware and software
    3. Demonstrate ability to function confidently and safely in knowledge-based environments in the international community
    4. Manage and leverage technology to enhance "international" elements of international and state-funded schools

    Required Curriculum

    *Please note: IED574 has a pre-requisite of IED582 for this program

    IED 500 - Philosophical and Research Foundations for Technology in Teaching and Learning
    IED 504 - Theories in Curriculum
    IED 511 - Strategies for Change in International Schools
    IED 571 - Leadership for Technology in Schools
    IED 573 - Reflective Seminar: International Education
    IED 574 - Research Project
    IED 575 - Practicum in Technology in Schools
    IED 580 - Innovative Practices in Education
    IED 581 - Technology in Education
    IED 582 - Research Methods
    IED 583 - Technology Infrastructure in Schools
    MIEA 564 - Leveraging Technology

    Total Degree Requirements - 36 credits

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