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International Education Program with Concentration in Technology Integration (M.Ed.)

  • Program Overview

    M.Ed. in International Education with Concentration in Technology Integration (36 Credits)

    Endicott College offers a Master of Education in International Education with a concentration in technology integration. It is designed to raise the competencies of educators in all fields by incorporating technology into schools and classroom settings.

    Curriculum covers the use of computer-mediated communications, management, and instructional technologies of educators and support personnel with the ultimate goal of helping students achieve their highest potential and to prepare for a rapidly changing world.

    This flexible program can be completed in 13 months or over an extended period of time to meet your personal requirements.

    The program of studies comprises six online and six face-to-face courses which are delivered during the following time periods. Students may begin their studies at any time of year.

    • Spring (January-May) Two online courses
    • Summer (July) Three face-to-face courses
    • Fall (September-December) Two online courses
    • Spring (January-May) Two online courses
    • Summer (July) Three face-to-face courses


    The Endicott International M.Ed. blended program summer on-site courses are usually offered in Madrid, Spain and Leysin, Switzerland.  Given the uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are currently making contingency plans to offer the summer 2021 courses online, in order to ensure the health and safety of our students and instructors. We will take a final decision on this at the end of February 2021.

    Note: The international education/technology integration concentration program is NOT linked to Massachusetts teacher licensure.

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  • Curriculum

    Admission Requirements

    International Education M.Ed. candidates should follow application procedures at

    Program of Study

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program, students will:

    1. Significantly increase their competencies in incorporating technology into schools and classroom settings, with a view on student improvement​
    2. Assess and improve their skills in the use and troubleshooting of computer-mediated communications, management and instructional technologies of educators and support personnel, with an emphasis on both hardware and software
    3. Demonstrate ability to function confidently and safely in knowledge-based environments in the international community
    4. Manage and leverage technology to enhance "international" elements of international and state-funded schools

    Required Curriculum

    *Please note: IED574 has a pre-requisite of IED582 for this program

    IED 500 - Philosophical and Research Foundations for Technology in Teaching and Learning
    IED 504 - Theories in Curriculum
    IED 511 - Strategies for Change in International Schools
    IED 571 - Leadership for Technology in Schools
    IED 573 - Reflective Seminar: International Education
    IED 574 - Research Project
    IED 575 - Practicum in Technology in Schools
    IED 580 - Innovative Practices in Education
    IED 581 - Technology in Education
    IED 582 - Research Methods
    IED 583 - Technology Infrastructure in Schools
    MIEA 564 - Leveraging Technology

    Total Degree Requirements - 36 credits

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