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The Interfaith Chapel in the Center for Belonging

The Interfaith Chapel, which was built by the founders of Endicott College in 1978, serves students, staff, and faculty of all faiths. It is the meeting place for our various religious groups and hosts events involving many traditions such as Native American spirituality, Buddhism, Muslim practice, and more. We work to incorporate music from all faith traditions and offer interfaith worship services several times per year. In 2022, the building was renovated to expand its use for our students as a Center for Belonging; a greater home for the Interfaith Chapel.

We encourage interfaith cooperation and the willingness to understand and accept each other and our differences.

The Center for Belonging is also the home of Gulls Pause, our meditation initiative. We invite all of our students to pledge to pause for at least 10 minutes per day. No phones, no electronics, no talk, no music—no distractions. We teach simple 10 minute practices and encourage meditation during the pause. We also host meditation group meetings and classes, as well as special events such as yoga nidra or shamanic journeying.

We also support our students who wish to attend church and temple. Many carpool to Catholic mass, attend temple on the Jewish High Holidays, or visit the Zen Center to meditate.

Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care

Students are welcome to meet with our Spiritual Life staff about questions of faith and purpose on an individual or a group basis. Whether initiated by homesickness, grief over the loss of a loved one, discerning one's values and virtues, or questioning one’s purpose in life, college is a time for spiritual as well as academic development. Students should feel welcome to request spiritual guidance and direction.

Spiritual & Religious Groups on Campus

The Catholic Community at Endicott College
The Catholic Community meets on Thursdays from 7–8:30 p.m. A local Catholic priest holds confession, mass, and hosts a dinner with the Catholic Community on the first Thursday of each month. Confession is at 4:30 p.m. and mass is at 5 p.m. with dinner following the mass. 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 
The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship meets on Mondays from 7–8 pm. Every Friday from 2–4 p.m. a campus minister from InterVarsity also offers a meaningful Bible Study class that is open to all community members. 

Gulls Pause Meditation
Gulls Pause meditation sessions are scheduled weekly for those who would like to meditate in a group setting with the Director of Belonging & Spiritual Life, Gail Cantor. Dates and times can be found here

The Jewish Community at Endicott College
Our Jewish Community offers one or two meaningful events per month. Friday evening Shabbat dinner is a favorite. We celebrate most of the important Jewish holidays as well (Passover, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, etc.). Our whole community participates in Holocaust Remembrance Day to remind us never to forget the atrocities of the past. 

The Buddhist Sangha at Endicott College
The Buddhist Sangha meets regularly to explore the teachings of Buddhism and Buddhist meditation.

The Spiritual Life Advisory Board
The Spiritual Life Advisory Board is comprised of students from the various religious communities on campus. The board meets monthly to generate new ideas and programs and consider how we can support our students' spiritual life.