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Angle Center for Entrepreneurship

Want to become a successful business owner - or an enterprising employee? The Colin and Erika Angle Center for Entrepreneurship was created to teach, coach, and inspire individuals and organizations to pursue innovation and creativity. Whatever your role, whether you're launching a small business or working within a large one, you will benefit from developing the skills and techniques, and adopting the mindset, that fuels entrepreneurs.

Our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

While Endicott's innovative curriculum is at the heart of the center, academics is only part of the story. The nature of entrepreneurship is collective, and the environment we foster extends well beyond our campus. Our focus is to drive partnerships, collaborations, and engagement, not just with students and alumni, but also with industry leaders and the regional startup community. When academics and experiential learning are combined with the power of our strategic partnerships on the North Shore and beyond, our students are able to obtain real-world relevant experience. As a result, they are more prepared to enter the workforce or to start organizations of their own upon graduation.

Thinking and Working Differently

The study of entrepreneurship is different from other business studies in that it acknowledges that launching a business is very different from running an established firm. That being said, more and more Fortune 500 companies are realizing that in order to keep or capture market share, they must more closely emulate the practices of startups. Indeed, change agents working within such companies are known as "intrapreneurs."

Fortune 500 and family-owned businesses are discovering the value of the lean business model. Just ask General Electric, which is training hundreds of its managers in its principles. And many of our alumni have gone on to start or continue successful family businesses…all the while integrating skills learned right here at Endicott.

Alumni Entrepreneurs

Endicott alumni and friends are vital to the success of our entrepreneurial ecosystem as they:

  • Volunteer as business coaches, industry mentors, or liaisons for students or alumni-led businesses
  • Speak to our undergraduate and graduate students in class, at Career Center Industry Nights, or other Endicott events
  • Serve on Endicott's Business Plan Pitch panel for its annual Spark Tank event
  • Leverage the consulting resources of the Angle Center for their own business ventures

Have something to contribute? Want to give back? Need some business support? Get in touch!

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