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Endicott’s Mini Masters are 12 credit, 4-course stackable certificates and are real graduate level courses without the financial and time commitments of a full degree.  Of course, all 4 courses can also be applied toward completing your master in business, master in information technology, or master in healthcare management to continue your educational goals at Endicott College. 

Upon completion of all 4 classes, students will receive a Graduate Certificate and micro credential badge which can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile. 

12 Credits
$10,440 Total cost
6 Months to completion

Programs are available in the following areas:

  • Construction Project Management

    Focus on construction project management tools and techniques, building systems and integrated designs, emerging materials and systems, project scheduling, scheduling tools and techniques, and construction estimating.

    Courses Include:

    • Building Systems & Integrated Design (Cr: 3)
    • Emerging Materials & Systems (Cr: 3)
    • Scheduling Tools & Techniques (Cr: 3)
    • Construction Estimating (Cr: 3)
  • Cyber Security

    Students will gain knowledge, tools and concepts through hands on approaches in information technology and assurance, computer architecture, programming and systems analysis; cryptography; security system design; applicable law and regulations; risk assessment and policy analysis; contingency planning; investigation techniques; and troubleshooting, often in the context of adversaries.

    Courses Include

    • Computer Security & Cyber Forensics (Cr: 3)
    • Systems Architecture & Analysis (Cr: 3)
    • Cybersecurity for the Homeland Security Professional  (Cr: 3) 
    • Cybersecurity Analyst (Cr: 3) 
  • Data Analytics

    Students will strengthen their ability to work with data through theoretical and practical hands-on approaches in data collection, data visualization, data prediction and data decisions and skills that can be applied real time to make data-informed choices within their organization.

    Courses Include:

    • Business Intelligence & Data Mining (Cr: 3)
    • Introduction to Coding (Cr: 3)
    • Object Oriented Programming (Cr: 3)
    • Advanced Web Programming (Cr: 3)
  • Events Management

    Events management is a specialized certificate designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, manage, and execute successful events. This certificate will cover various topics, including event planning, project management, risk mitigation, marketing, and financial management. 


    • HMT 525 - Leadership & Communication in Global Hospitality (Cr: 3) 

    • HMT 530 - Events Management in a Digital World (Cr: 3)

    • HMT 580 - Revenue Management in the Global Marketplace (Cr: 3)

    • HMT 590: Events Risk Management (Cr: 3)

  • Human Resources Management

    Focus on compensation and benefits, human resource laws and compliance, organizational and individual development, and recruitment and selection.

    Courses Include:

    • Compensation & Benefits (Cr: 3)
    • Human Resource Laws & Compliance (Cr: 3)
    • Organizational & Individual Development (Cr: 3)
    • Recruitment & Selection (Cr: 3)
  • Leadership

    Students refine their management and leadership skills while challenging their current thinking by discovering who you are as a leader, your leadership style and approach, how to motivate and lead teams and innovation.

    Courses Include:

    • Managing in the Evolving Workplace (Cr: 3)
    • Leadership Principles (Cr: 3)
    • Creativity & Innovation (Cr: 3)
    • Managing Innovation & Organizational Change (Cr: 3)
  • Project Management

    Focus on project management methodologies and best practices, lean thinking and six sigma business analysis, and scheduling tools and techniques.

    Courses Include:

    • Project Management (Cr: 3)
    • Lean Thinking & 6 Sigma (Cr: 3)
    • Business Analysis Techniques Used in Project & Program Management (Cr: 3)
    • Scheduling Tools & Techniques (Cr: 3)
  • Marketing

    Focus on advanced data analytics and visualization, branding and advertising, international marketing, and digital marketing.

    Courses Include:

    • Customer Relationship Management (Cr: 3)
    • Branding & Advertising (Cr: 3)
    • Advanced Data Analytics and Visualization (Cr: 3)
    • Digital Marketing (Cr: 3)
  • Non-Profit Management

    Focus on managing, marketing and fundraising, nonprofit leadership, and strategic planning direction for nonprofits

    Courses Include:

    • Managing the Non-Profit (Cr: 3)
    • Marketing & Fundraising in Non-Profits (Cr: 3)
    • Non-Profit Leadership (Cr: 3)
    • Strategic Planning for Non-Profits (Cr: 3)
  • Real Estate

    Focus on real estate and investment valuation analysis, leasing and transactions, real estate finance and capital markets, property management, and construction project management.

    Courses Include:

    • Real Estate & Investment Valuation Analysis (Cr: 3)
    • Real Estate Leasing & Transactions (Cr: 3)
    • Real Estate Finance & Capital Markets (Cr: 3)
    • Real Estate Property Management (Cr: 3)
  • Supply Chain Management

    Students will gain knowledge, tools, and concepts in creating strategic and operational decisions necessary to plan, implement, and control integrated supply chain logistics systems specifically on supply chain management strategy, logistics operations, facility network analysis, demand management and inventory planning, outsourcing, customer service, order management, financial assessment, supply chain logistics personnel, leadership and ethical issues, and logistics information execution systems.

    Courses Include:

    • Computer Security & Cyber Forensics (Cr: 3)
    • Lean Thinking & 6 Sigma (Cr: 3)
    • Analytics for Logistics & Distribution Management (Cr: 3)
    • Global Supply Chain Management (Cr: 3)