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CITI Training

The CITI Program is available to all faculty, staff, and students at Endicott. Set up an account online by following the instructions on the website.

Human Subjects Training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Effective January 2019:  Faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students submitting proposals to the IRB must obtain training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), Social Behavioral module, and upload their CITI certification as supporting documentation to their IRB proposal. Both students and their faculty principal investigators are required to submit training certificates as part of a student proposal. 

The Endicott College IRB offers training on the protection of human research participants for all investigators submitting protocols for review. This training is offered through the CITI Program, a web-based program for research with human participants. Directions for registration and use may be found below.

Non-Endicott College personnel who wish to conduct research at Endicott College must provide proof of completion of the appropriate CITI program course.

The CITI course Social and Behavioral Investigators (you will be taking the basic course)includes modules chosen by the college's IRB that provide coverage of the ethical principles and procedures for conducting human subject research. Students will find specific training modules set up for their use including, but not limited to: Students in Research, Internet Research, Research with Children, Informed Consent, and Defining Research with Human Subjects.

Federally Sponsored Research: As a condition of federal funding, this program meets the federal mandate for instruction. This training is optional for those not receiving federal funding.