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IRB-WebGraphics 2SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics are the online data collection tool that are recommended by the IRB. SurveyMonkey offers a limited free version while Qualtrics is a fee-based service. Some departments on campus have a SurveyMonkey license and others have a Qualtrics license, both of which may be available to faculty and students. 

Please be sure to turn off IP tracking and enable SSL encryption when using an online survey tool. The consent form or disclosure should include a statement to this affect so participants know their data is secured.

Neither Google Forms or Facebook are secure methods of online data collection because confidentiality cannot be assured. We will NOT approve applications proposing to use these tools.

How does Qualtrics comply with IRB guidelines?

How do I create an anonymous link in Qualtrics?

How do I anonymize responses (turn off IP address collection) in Qualtrics?

How does SurveyMonkey adhere to IRB guidelines?

How do I turn off the IP addresses collection on the responses in SurveyMonkey (to maintain anonymity in survey data collection)?

Creating your Qualtrics account:

Every student, staff member, faculty member and anyone who has an address can create their own account. The option to self-enroll can be found here. You will need to choose "Don't have an account" and ignore the prompt to put in an access code.