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FAQs about Workday

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Endicott's Workday project. For specific questions, please email
  • How is Workday related to Endicott’s strategic plan?
    Endicott College’s Strategic Plan outlines four themes: Power of Place, Innovative Culture, Transformational Learning, and Strength of Story. Certainly, Workday supports all of these; however, most obviously, it lends itself to Innovative Culture. With the help of Workday, we will see a college that is more Data Informed & Technology Energized; competitive in Talent Acquisition, Retention & Development; and, committed to An Inclusive & Engaged Community. Ultimately, current Workday higher education institutions report an increased ability to channel resources to our number one goal: student success.  
  • What is Workday?
    Workday is a provider of cloud-based software that specializes in applications for financial management (FIN), payroll (PATT), human capital management (HCM), and student information system (SIS).
  • Why Workday?
    Workday allows Endicott College to modernize our systems and centralize them into a single integrated medium. Currently, we house information across systems that are outdated, not fully integrated and difficult to use. Workday allows for an intuitive and self-service user experience, as well as on-demand access, increased efficiency, less error, and greater access to data.
  • How will Workday impact us on a daily basis?
    Truth be told, the largest impact for the rollout of Workday Platform will be to those Endicott College employees working in HR, finance, and payroll. All of us will have access to our employee information with a few computer clicks, though. And, for those with budgetary oversight, your access to budgets, available dollars, and expenditures will be enhanced. Lastly, once Workday Student is implemented, faculty, staff, and students will have new capacities for course enrollment, student advising, financial aid, and student access to their own data.
  • Who will use Workday?
    On various levels, the entire Endicott Community will use Workday. Employees will access payslips and tax documents, view compensation, request time off, and do their performance appraisals within the Workday Platform. It is also how managers will recruit for new positions and budget for their departments. When we implement Workday Student, the software will support functions like course registration, advising, grading, and student financials.
  • How will I be trained on Workday?
    Our project team will work to plan and offer relevant and timely training in a variety of modalities.  You might choose in-person or online, videos, job aids, or all of these—depending on your learning preferences and work schedule. Training will not tell you how to do your job; rather, it will share with you new processes, procedures, and system tools. We look forward to learning with you!
  • How will security be managed in Workday?

    Our top priority is to keep data secure. Rigorous security organizational, architectural, and operational measures are employed. Your data, and college applications and infrastructure remain safe. To know more about Workday security, visit Workday Security & Trust.

  • How can I view the timeline and status updates for the Workday project?
    Our project team will begin to share additional information via this website, email, meeting announcements, and other commonly used communication methods. You will have an opportunity to engage with the project through an employee network, sneak peeks, and focused, just-in-time training. 
  • What is Workday Platform replacing?
    Workday Platform (Finance, PATT, HCM) is replacing ADP, JazzHR, financial, and budget modules of the Jenzabar CARS/CX system, and electronic (Etrieve) and paper forms dealing with hiring, purchasing, credit cards, and check requests.
  • How can I get involved?
    People from all over our college are involved in this project. And, as we transition from Workday Platform to Workday Student, additional chances for engagement will arise. You may also recall, we facilitated a Change Readiness Survey in the early fall of 2022 to hear your voices. Feel free to take a look at a summary of those results.  There is a Change Network that is the key method of communication between project leadership and our larger Endicott community.  System sneak peaks, testing, and training offer more involvement opportunities.

    If you would like to participate or offer input, you can reach out to  
  • Who do I contact with additional questions?
    Your feedback is welcomed. For project specific questions, please email This site will be updated with timely information, too.