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Project Governance, Project Team and Guiding Principles

Project Governance

A team from our college, as well as our contracted partners, will implement our Workday projects. Within this larger team, subteams have their own roles and responsibilities. This allows those with the most knowledge and those most impacted by outcomes to provide input. Daily decisions will be made by our functional and technical subteams. When necessary, questions can be directed to another team within the project governance structure. For example, decisions requiring changes to departmental, divisional or college-wide policies/procedures can be shared with the Steering Committee and Executive Sponsors.

Workday Platform Project Team Organizational Chart

View the Organizational Chart

Project Guiding Principles

In an effort for prudent and fair decision-making, the Workday Steering Committee developed and approved guiding principles. Our intent is an equitable and unified implementation. The thoughts outlined below provide the related foundation. 

At Endicott College, our Workday Project Guiding Principles are to:

  • Use Workday functionality whenever reasonable, relying on configuration rather than customization.
  • Simplify and standardize our processes utilizing best practices.
  • Make thoughtful, deliberate, and timely decisions through established governance.
  • Communicate clearly and often, making information about the project available to the Endicott Community.