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Video Description

The Endicott shuttle is an on and off campus ride service available to students, faculty, and staff. The on-campus shuttle makes a loop around campus that takes about 20 minutes while the off-campus shuttle takes riders to the Beverly Depot commuter rail station for easy access into Boston. Riders can track the shuttle's location at

Text Transcript

1. Three students and the Gull mascot waiting on the side of the road.
2. The shuttle arrives and everybody gets into the van.
3. The van takes off and arrives at a shuttle stop four, in front of the Callahan Center.
4. The Gull gets out, looks around, realizes he's at the wrong stop, and gets back in the van.
5. The van stops at another location, in front of freshman residence halls, the Gull sits down at a picnic table, but gets dragged back into the van by one of the students. 
6. The van arrives at a large parking lot, the Gull gets out but can't find his keys. The van drives off as the Gull runs in pursuit.
7. Inside the van, the Gull and the three students begin dancing as the shuttle keeps traveling. 
8. Outside the Raymond J. Bourque Arena, the students and the Gull are outside the van. They leap into the air, the shot freezes with all in mid-air. 
9. The outdo slide shows the Endicott College logo and the #ThisIsEndicott hashtag.