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Endicott College Covid Policy 2023–24

On May 11, 2023, the federal government declared an end to the public health emergency for COVID-19. However, the virus is still with us. We have shifted from the pandemic phase, which is the unhindered spread of an infectious disease, to the endemic chapter of COVID. As with all viral illnesses, we know that students and other members of our community will be exposed to COVID-19. Medical professionals continue to recommend that a person who tests positive for COVID isolate for five (5) days and wears a mask when around others through day ten (10).

Student Isolation

Endicott College's policy is that we highly suggest any student testing positive for COVID complete their isolation at home. All students should develop a “response plan” defining a process for off-campus isolation where possible.

If a student is unable to isolate off-campus, they may isolate in their room. In this case, the CDC suggests that a person unable to fully isolate from others wear a high quality mask and take steps to improve ventilation. Additionally, a COVID positive student should:

  • Wear masks and encourage all roommates to wear masks while in the same room — except for while actively eating, drinking, or sleeping
  • Do not travel unless necessary
  • Do not share personal items with anyone

Students who test positive for COVID should reach out to the Wellness Center at or 978-232-2104 to discuss next steps. The Wellness Center will alert the Academic Success Center which will inform faculty of any required isolation period for students who should then be in touch with their professors about accessing course content.  

Faculty & Staff Isolation

Faculty & staff who contract COVID should isolate at home for five days and may return to the campus following day five. Upon returning to campus, faculty and staff should wear a high-quality mask through day ten (10) to minimize the spread of the virus.

Faculty who are able may make arrangements with their dean to teach their courses remotely during their isolation period. Staff should coordinate with their supervisors.


Students in the Cummings School of Nursing & Health Sciences with clinical placements must confirm vaccination and/or bivalent booster requirements with the Director of Clinical Education.

Students who are in clinical courses are required to have the primary COVID-19 vaccine and booster or single bivalent vaccine. These requirements are determined by the requirements of our clinical partners for students having clinical experiences in their facilities.

Students may apply for medical or religious exemptions in the School of Nursing dean’s office at Students who are not vaccinated risk their eligibility for assignment to clinical and/or internship sites, and therefore, continuation of the program of study.