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Individual Counseling

Individual sessions (45 minutes) may be arranged by students who would benefit from support, help with problem-solving, a neutral and confidential space, short-term therapy, and/or crisis management.

Support Groups

Endicott has several support groups created to explore issues. Groups include the following topics: Grief & Loss, Students who are Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/or Questioning, Eating Issues & Body Image, and Find Your Flock.

Crisis Intervention

The counseling staff provides crisis intervention services for the undergraduate, residential student population. This service is provided in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs. See the section on “Concerned About a Student” for more information.

Off-Campus Referrals

The Counseling Center staff will offer services they are qualified to provide. For therapeutic needs that require more time and attention than the staff can provide, off-campus resources are made available to the students. Resources are available in relation to crisis intervention and when a psychiatric evaluation is necessary.

Students Supporting Students

Endicott has more than 50 clubs and organizations geared for academic enrichment, special interests, and social interaction. Join us every semester for our community involvement fair to find out how you can join clubs and organizations. Endicott has several clubs geared toward students supporting students, such as REACH peer education, LIGHThouse Leadership Society, and Alliance at Endicott College.

Training and Education

Time and time again, Endicott students report on the significant positive impact that faculty and staff have on their overall experience, both in and out of the classroom. During critical times, you may be the one person a student feels comfortable turning to and asking for help. Other times, you might notice a student struggling in some way and displaying behaviors that give you cause for concern. Knowing how to approach and effectively engage a student, as well as being aware of available campus resources, can best assist you with these potentially difficult conversations.

The Counseling Center staff is available to assist other offices and student groups in the area of in-service trainings and educational workshops and presentations.