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Buoyed by Esports and the Power of Music

Noah Macallister ’24
At Endicott, graduating senior Noah Macallister ’24 experienced some ups and downs, but found his calling—Esports—and got a boost during the tough times through music.
By: Jana F. Brown

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Around the Endicott campus, Noah Macallister ’24 is known as the guy carrying the speaker—either a portable JBL model or a bigger one with twin subwoofers. Music is what gives him energy and how he spreads positivity, so Macallister never leaves his room without the sound system.

“My go-to thing is my speaker,” he said. “Seeing that I can provide happiness and smiles through music fuels me.”

Sometimes, Macallister brings the big speaker to the island in the middle of the campus pond and blasts his favorite tunes. In addition to providing joy to others as a mobile DJ, Macallister also plays music to release negative vibes.

“If I’m not in the best head space, I’ll just play music,” he said, adding that The Nights by Avicii is often at the top of his playlist. “It helps me free myself and reset so I can help others, but also help myself.”

The music tradition was born when Macallister first volunteered as an Orientation Leader as a sophomore (he worked as an Orientation Assistant as a senior). Remembering how he struggled with his transition to college during COVID, he wanted to help new students feel welcome. Given his upbeat energy, it’s hard to imagine that Macallister was ever nervous about applying for the position, wondering if he’d be able to give others a good experience.

“I have an interesting personality,” he explained. “I can be outgoing, but I can also be introverted sometimes. It’s a balance.”

Growing up in Chelmsford, Mass., Macallister was a longtime hockey player who discovered theater and a love of singing at Chelmsford High School. He chose Endicott because he knew he’d need additional academic support through the Center for Academic Coaching and the Tutoring & Writing Center. The summer ONBOARD retreat, which jumpstarted his transition to Endicott and helped him meet other first-year students, confirmed he made the right choice.

Originally a computer science major, Macallister hit an unexpected speedbump when he realized he didn’t want to spend his life programming and writing code. Feeling the pressure of a heavy academic workload and suffering from depression, he withdrew from the first semester of his sophomore year to focus on his well-being.

“It was tough,” said Macallister, noting that he got a boost from artists Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly. “They helped me get through that time. It was a very big moment in my life; the biggest low, but also a high, because I was able to find who I was and what I needed for the future.”

Noah Macallister ’24

It wasn’t until the second semester of his junior year that Macallister figured out what he wanted to major in. As a teenager, he was into competitive gaming and began following the Esports boom. At a time when he was questioning what he wanted to do, he realized that his curiosity for the budding industry was a perfect fit for Endicott’s relatively new Esports management major.

Macallister even managed to design a more specialized concentration in Esports technology and administration. His senior thesis is expected to contribute to further developing the major at Endicott and prepare students for a profession that’s more about marketing and entertainment than sports.

Macallister confirmed his excitement for his fresh academic path through an internship with Anthos Capital, where his primary task was to play video games and give feedback to programmers on everything from sound effects to control buttons.

“My ideal job would be as an Esports director or manager,” he said. “Maybe cast a stream or work behind the scenes at setting everything up, getting the partners, making sure the marketing is great. I love being the puppeteer.”

Esports Coordinator Brendan Hall said Macallister has become a recognized ambassador for the community, inclusivity, breaking down of social barriers, and creativity that define Esports. Hall added that Macallister is also known as one of the most stylish dressers on campus, whether he’s wearing shorts and a crop top sweater, flare leggings with an oversized hoodie, or colorful gaming swag.

“My fashion depends on my mood and the weather,” Macallister said. “I like to be a trendsetter with my clothing.” 

No matter where he lands after graduation, Macallister has no intention of leaving the music—or the speakers—behind. It’s what boosts his mood and reminds him to be mindful. He’s even managed to find time to make his own music as a member of the Echo a cappella group on campus.

Macallister will remember his time at Endicott for both the challenges and the triumphs. While he hopes he has brought joy through his music and positivity, he’s appreciated being part of a tight-knit community, one where most people knew his name, or at least recognized him as the guy with the speaker.

“I’ve always tried to be positive and spread that positivity,” he said. “Knowing I made an impact at Endicott by playing music makes me super happy.”