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  • Program Overview

    Endicott’s new Bachelor of Science in Esports Management is a dual focus degree program that combines traditional sport management and Esports management coursework with elements of computer science. 

    This program will prepare students to enter one of the fastest growing entertainment industries. Students will be able to pursue careers and internships in esports marketing, promotion and event coordination, competition management, event production, team management, media production and distribution, esports finance, esports law, gaming and game development, and professional streaming and blogging.


    In 2019, NewZoo estimated the total revenue of the esports market would cross $1.1 billion. Following this, the market saw immense growth going into 2020 with a 15% rise on the previous year. Beyond this, their estimate for 2021 is looking at a further year-on-year growth of 14.5%.
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  • Curriculum

    Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 126



    • ENG 111 Critical Reading and Writing I
    • ESM 101 Introduction to Esports Management
    • CSC 101 Introduction to Computer Science
    • CSC 160 Introduction to Programming
    • World Culture Education Requirement
    • INT 010 Pre-Internship Sessions
    • ENG 112 Critical Reading and Writing II
    • ESM 200 Esports League Operations
    • CSC 102 Web Development and Programming
    • CSC 161 Data Structures and Algorithms
    •  Individual & Society Education Requirement
    • INT 100 Internship I


    • ESM 205 Esports Management Marketing & Fan Engagement
    • ESM 300 Administration of Esports at the High School & Collegiate Levels
    • CSC 260 Visual Programming I
    • ESM 310 Esports Business Models
    • CSC 255 Programming for Games and Interactive Technologies
    • CSC 335 Mobile Application Programming and Design
    • ECN 201 Macroeconomics
    • ECN 202 Macroeconomics
    • Values & Ethical Reasoning Education Requirement
    • Literary Perspectives Education Requirement


    • ESM 305 Esports Management Revenue Generation and Development
    • ESM 355 Esports Game Technology
    • SM 335 Managerial Aspects of Leadership in Sport Organizations
    • ESM 400 Esports Management Advanced Research and Strategy
    • Esports Elective
    • SM 450 Sport Venue and Event Management
    • Esports Elective
    • Aesthetic Awareness Education Requirement
    • Esports Elective
    • Science & Technology Education Requirement
    • ESM 379 Semester Internship Strategies


    • ESM 489 Senior Thesis I
    • ESM 490 Senior Thesis II
    • ESM 480 Semester Internship
    • General Education Elective
    • General Education Elective
    • General Education Elective (>100 level)
    • General Education Elective (>100 level)

    Learning Outcomes

    At the completion of this major program, students will be able to:

    1. Evaluate the esports ecosystem and its operation as a performance and commercial and entertainment activity
    2. Analyze how esports organizations are managed and governed
    3. Investigate principles to effectively enhance esports production, performance and engagement
    4. Design and develop software and gaming platforms
    5. Research, plan, organize and produce various types of live events utilizing the latest in streaming technology
    6. Promote events through digital technology and develop online communities