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Big Hopes for Fall Semester

Endicott students
Members of the Endicott community share their hopes for the fall—and weigh in on an age-old debate: Dunkin’ or Starbucks?
By: Juliana D’Orazio ’23, Madison Schulman, and Sarah Sweeney

Summer may be over, but with Convocation wrapped, the darkest days of the pandemic in the rearview, and a new Starbucks on campus, there’s a sense of possibility in the air. News at the Nest asked Endicott College students and community members about their hopes for fall and to settle that age-old debate: Dunkin’ or Starbucks?

Ben Dillon ’26, nursing major

“My hope is to just get acclimated to college and get used to the college curriculum. I’m not on any clubs yet but I’m hoping to join some, probably intramural basketball.”

Dunkin’ or Starbucks: “Dunkin’ for sure. I’m from Massachusetts, so it’s Dunkin’.”

Brandi Johnson, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

“My hope for fall semester is that it’s awesome! That we have fun, that we’re safe, and that everyone feels like they belong. My goal is to get to know as many new students as well as returning students as humanly possible—especially coming out of the pandemic when we were all locked up and I didn’t get to see many people all the time. My goal is to get to know people on a legitimate, authentic level.”

Dunkin’ or Starbucks: “I’m a Dunkin’ person, but for some of the things. Actually, you know what? I’m a Starbucks person. Sorry, Dunkin’. My favorite thing to get is the strawberry acai lemonade.”

Isaiah Kparyea ’26, exercise science major

“I want to get good grades and for football to win a championship—it’s a lot of hard work and preparing for games.”

Dunkin’ or Starbucks: “Starbucks all day—vanilla Frappuccino, venti, and a chocolate croissant.”

Matt Heiser, Associate Dean of Students

“So many. To really get out there and connect with students. The title kind of gives it all away. Aside from that, to learn more dad jokes.”

Bryan Cain, Vice President, Student and External Engagement

“I hope that everybody has a really safe and enjoyable semester here on our beautiful campus by the sea.”

Dunkin’ or Starbucks: “Full-on Starbucks. This whole Dunks craze … I don’t get it because I’m from Michigan!”

Kiki Longo ’26, criminal justice major

“I’m hoping to get to know the kids around campus and my classes and get involved in student government. I want to make an impact.”

William Johnson ’25, applied math major

“I’m hoping to be more involved in the music program. I’m in a lot of ensembles now and I want to be a part of that more. My favorite part of Endicott is how many different things you can do on campus—there’s a lot of diversity in the clubs. I almost joined the Beekeeping Club—didn’t quite fit into my schedule.”

Marlin Nabors, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

“My goals for the fall semester include making sure that students get engaged, that they find an activity, a club, or a meeting that they’re really excited about, and find their place at Endicott. I think the group that puts on Relay for Life is a really exciting club to be involved in—that ends up being a really long and exciting event for students.”

KyRon Parker ’25, criminal justice major

“I’m hoping I get to get together with friends and have a successful year with academics… can’t wait for next month as well, which is Halloween.”

Dunkin’ or Starbucks: “That’s a tough question. Definitely going the Dunkin’ way because of the donuts.”

Mike Lam ’24, business marketing major

“I’m hoping to have a good, balanced semester. Balance my work-life and everything.”

Dunkin’ or Starbucks: “Neither, I’m not a coffee person.”

Kevin Cross ’22 M’24, graduate assistant, Office of Admission

“I hope to have a good time at Endicott, bring in some new students, and give some amazing tours. I love seeing the mix of students on campus and giving them a chance to see a place that’s meant a lot to me over the last four years.”

Meghan Monaco, Vice President of Enrollment Management

“My hope for the fall semester is that we have a safe and inclusive semester, welcoming our new students who are coming to us from many different places and we’re excited to have them!”