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Nesting with Maeve Barrett '24 and Paige McKee '24

Endicott students in their living space
Endicott College roommates Maeve Barrett ’24 and Paige McKee ’24 worked together to decorate their Stoneridge living space, becoming lasting friends along the way.
By: Sarah Sweeney


Nesting is a showcase of stylish living spaces and the students behind them.nesting article endicott girl on bed in front of photo wall 

Maeve Barrett ’24 and Paige McKee ’24 are both South Shore natives, though they didn’t know each other until coming to Endicott. While rooming with a stranger can be scary or exciting—or both, depending on your idea of fun—Barrett and McKee immediately understood the importance of working together to make their shared Stoneridge room a place where they could flourish. 

“We planned how we’d decorate our room,” said McKee, a marketing communication and advertising major from Hanover, Mass.

“I made a Google slideshow of ways to maximize space,” chimed Barrett, a nursing student from Weymouth, Mass.

While slanted ceilings and minimal space forced the duo to be creative, being roommates has so far been successful—they plan to continue living together.

“We really lucked out,” said Barrett.

Name: Maeve Barrett ’24 and Paige McKee ’24

Residence Hall: Stoneridge

Short bio: “I love going to the beach and spending time with my friends.” —Maeve

nesting article endicott two towels

“For fun I like to listen to music, hang out with my friends, and I love working with kids and babysitting. My friends and family are important to me and also I hope to be a successful nurse one day and travel.” —Paige

Design philosophy: “My design philosophy was to maximize space and make the space homey, which is why we have things like the stools at our desk because they take up less eye space and can be used for storage. To make the room feel homey, we tried to cover up as much of the floor with rugs as possible. I wanted my room to be a really colorful and happy place that is comfortable to hang out in. I also love plants and the outdoors so I wanted to implement that.” —Maeve

“The music I listen to inspired my decorations—most of the items I bought off Amazon and HomeGoods. My Pinterest board is my inspiration; I was going for a colorful, earthy, crunchy vibe. I wanted the room to look lively with vines and flowers and pastel colors to brighten things up.” —Paige

nesting article endicott girl decor in room 

Surf’s up: “I grew up surfing on Cape Cod and my aunt got me this surfboard for our wall over the summer.” —Maeve

Snack attack: “To create more space, I keep these plastic bins under my bed—one for personal stuff, one for my nursing stuff, and one for snacks.” —Paige

“I have pots and pans that I keep under my bed. Sometimes I make mac and cheese in the communal kitchen.” —Maeve 

Crystal visions: “My mom is super into yoga and she’d buy me crystals. Then I went to Salem and got more crystals.” —Maevenesting article endicott rocks on table

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