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Reasons to Join Your College Alumni Council

Join the Endicott Alumni Council
The Endicott Alumni Council is one of the premier ways that our alumni can stay in touch with the Endicott community and give back.

Did you know that colleges have councils specifically geared toward alumni? Have you heard of the Endicott College Alumni Council? No? We can’t wait to tell you about it! The Council is one of the premier ways that our alumni can stay in touch with the Endicott community and give back.


Who is on the Council right now?


At the moment, our Executive Committee includes:


·      President: Alisa Kriekis de Gaspe Beaubien ’94

·      Vice President: Susan DiMartino Dowling ’72

·      Secretary: Ann Bollenback Jamison ’82

·      Treasurer: Ted Stanton M’07

·      Historian: Francine Aceto ’92


Our existing members are:


·      Jennifer Adams ’95      

·      Buffie Mueller McMullen ’58

·      JJ Alberts M’17           

·      Erin Murray ’13

·      Sally Bates Allen ’65   

·      Judy Carroll O'Connor ’83

·      Gail Riordan Ashley ’80          

·      Linda Berry Plummer ’65

·      Lisa Bacchiochi Auer ’73        

·      Bianca Robinson M’18

·      Lauren Gilligan Battcock ’11  

·      Sue Barrett Rohrer ’63

·      Lyn Cluthe Carroll ’62 

·      Jeff Scola ’10

·      Cameron Chaviano ’11          

·      Lauren Todd ’12 M’14

·      Susan Madore Clark ’77         

·      Missy Welch ’16

·      Charmie Curry D.Ed ’17          

·      Cindy Arcoleo Westerman ’84

·      Gregory Dolan ’07      

·      Meg Steele Wingerath ’73

·      David Freeman ’16    

·      Mary Anne Wood ’62

·      Katie Leighton Gauger ’09     

·      Tina Zarella ’00

·      Charlotte Hillery ’02   

·      Kerry Taylor MacDonald ’10

·      Peggy Sansiveri Palmer ’82


Why should you join up?


Gulls join the general Alumni Council for many different reasons. Director, Alumni Relations, Tory Pilbin 14, M15 says, “Many are looking to reengage with the College and they want to have a voice when it comes to alumni-specific strategies. Others are looking for a networking opportunity where they get to meet and work with alumni of various backgrounds, industries, and class years.”


Susan Dowling 72 says, “I joined the Alumni Council seven years ago because I believe in giving back, and being a part of this group gives me the opportunity to do that and make a difference.”


What does the Alumni Council look for in new members?


Pilbin says, “We would describe a good fit as an alumna/alumnus who is excited to provide insight into alumni-specific strategy and feels confident to be a representative for their class. We are also looking for alumni who are willing to volunteer with the Council throughout their terms and have experience in—or at the very least understand—the importance of both alumni engagement and alumni philanthropy. Other qualities that are helpful in members are great communication skills, organization, willingness to help others, willingness to contribute financially to Endicott, and creativity.”Join the Endicott Alumni CouncilAlumni Council members at the Silent Auction.


A term on the Alumni Council is three years and it consists of three meetings per year, which are held on campus. Members in good standing can continue for a second term if they would like. Attendance is required, however virtual attendance is available. Outside of meetings, the commitment consists of attending events in your area, responding to emails, some committee work, and helping with events like Reunion Weekend and the annual silent auction. Anyone who would like to apply must be willing and eager to take on those responsibilities.


How do you apply?


Pilbin says, “Candidates must apply to be a part of the Council. Some candidates are nominated to apply by academic deans, or staff in the Office of Student Affairs, Office of Institutional Advancement, or in the athletics department. Other candidates apply on their own after seeing the marketing sent out from the Office of Alumni Relations. All applications are internally vetted and then brought to the Alumni Council for review.” Applications will be open through the end of May and new terms start July 1.


Benefits of membership


Our alumni enjoy giving back, but they do receive quite a few benefits from joining the Alumni Council:


·      First-hand knowledge of upcoming events and/or philanthropic strategies

·      Direct contact with the Alumni Office

·      An opportunity to hear from the President annually

·      Knowledge of exciting volunteer opportunities

·      Complimentary alumni events throughout the year

·      Networking opportunities with all other Council members


Tina Zarella ’00 says, “Being an Alumni Council member gives me an opportunity to be of service to the Endicott College community. I enjoy interacting with other alumni from diverse backgrounds and contributing to alumni events. It’s a great place to develop personal and professional connections.”


What are some other options for alumni?


If the Alumni Council isn’t the right opportunity for you, there are still plenty of great ways for you to stay connected and participate in Endicott events. Pilbin says, “We have a GOLD Leadership Council (classes 2010-2019) and Reunion Committees for each reunion class year. Alumni can also be class correspondents, they can host online events, they can help current Gulls and fellow alumni through the Nest online mentoring program, and they can join our virtual book club.”


Are you ready to get started? Apply here or reach out to Tory Pilbin at for more information.