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2019’s Endicott College Co-op & Internship Success by the Numbers

Endicott internships
Endicott College is proud to be producing employable graduates.

If you take a walk around our campus and look at our banners and signage, or if you look online at rankings it is easy to see that Endicott College walks the walk when it comes to employable graduates. Much of that success is due to the experiential learning model we require, which includes three, distinct internships that give students the opportunity to gain professional experience, build confidence, and make important industry contacts. In 2019, we have continued to grow our program by offering co-ops and building new partnerships. Our students have interned at many lauded companies and many become post-graduate hires.

By the Numbers

In this year alone, Tufts Medical Center hired four of our graduates, but it doesn’t stop there. A number of organizations, including Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Yale New Haven Hospital, each hired three. Beyond that, Beverly Hospital, Boston Medical Center, Encore Boston Harbor Resort, Ernst & Young, Hartford Hospital, KPMG, North Shore Medical Center, Ocean Properties, On Deck Sports, PwC, Virtual, Inc., and Walt Disney World hired two apiece. We couldn’t be more proud of the partnerships we’ve built, and the Gulls that have retained our strong employer/collegiate reputation during and after completing their course work.

One particular point of pride in 2019 is Ryan Barnes ’20, who will be employed full-time with KPMG after graduation and also received a full ride to obtain his master's degree in accounting and data analytics at USC.

The employability factor is strong, mainly because the work our interns do makes a real-world difference. For instance, this year, Maggie Cunningham '20 worked at the Krempels Center with an alumni Gull to help patients with brain injuries.

And that work would mean nothing without standout partners like Red Curve Solutions who has hired eight interns in 2018/2019, including Christopher Cole '21 who was just asked to keep working beyond his internship, and Virtual, who has taken on 17 interns in this year alone, and also has several alumni working for them.

Director of Employer Relations, Brenda Campbell says, “Endicott College Internship & Career Center has been willing to make our internships adaptable to our employer-partner needs. Whether it is a co-op or internship, we work with our employers to create a successful experience for both the company and our students.”

Work-Ready Gulls

Our students are ready to work and that really is a differentiator. Dale McLennan, dean, Internship & Career Center says, “Sites often comment that Endicott students distinguish themselves on internship because they ‘hit the ground running.’ Doing multiple internships, as well as the academic and professional preparation students receive in the classroom allows them to start contributing right away and in a meaningful way, and this in turn, often leads to a full-time job offer after the internship is completed. So, the structure Endicott has put in place to require multiple internships across all majors, and to provide the foundation to prepare students academically and professionally, leads to these successful partnerships with employers.”

Gulls Helping Gulls

The relationships between Gulls who have already completed internships also directly influences our success rate. Our alumni come back and actively support current students as they move toward finding employment for themselves. Director of Internship, Cindy Richard says, “The Internship & Career Center provides face-to-face engagement with employers in multiple ways to increase the opportunities available to our students and to help organizations find great talent. By hosting events such as career fairs, classroom visits, industry nights, and career labs, we make sure that students are practicing their networking skills and making valuable connections. We are fortunate to have so many great alumni who return to help out with all of these events and to host interns at their organizations. This past year, we had 161 alumni return to campus to help out with all of our programming.” 

As 2019 still has a few days left, we expect the hired numbers to climb even higher. Here’s to 2020, a season of even more of our graduates and interns in the workplace!

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