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Gearing Up For Finals Season

Peer Tutor and student review materials in Tutoring Center.
The Division of Academic Resources prepares to host tutoring events, All Night Write and Math Madness.

The Division of Academic Resources prepares to host tutoring events, All Night Write and Math Madness.  


The exams standing between students everywhere and winter break are inching closer with each passing day. Some dread them. Others procrastinate the prep. But the Division of Academic Resources urges finals season to bring it on. 


That’s because the Division is providing support to students through both their All Night Write and Math Madness tutoring events. The goal is to provide students with equal access to both peer and professional tutors–no appointment necessary. With the writing and tutoring centers filling up quickly towards the end of the semester, these events give students the opportunity to get the help they need on a drop-in basis for a single question or for guidance from start to finish. This provides the flexibility students need during, what can be, a stressful time of juggling coursework responsibilities with commitments to extracurricular activities.  


The late-night aspect of both events creates a team working environment where both undergraduate and graduate students can collaborate, gain confidence in their skills, and ultimately feel prepared to take on finals week. “It’s late at night so everyone is a little wound up,” says Brittany Potter, program coordinator, “And the nerves of exams just have everyone buzzing.”


Dr. Allison Muise, associate dean of academic resources and director of the tutoring center, says that seeing both the peer and professional tutor bonding that occurs during these events is her favorite part. “I am always looking for ways to have the tutors connect because they generally see the same tutors over and over again because they have a set schedule… so this is an awesome opportunity for them to get to know the other tutors and those who they have something in common with.”


 “I love being able to work through new questions with each student that enters the room. At Math Madness, it is always a surprise to me what the students are going to ask, so it’s very fulfilling to be able to work through the problem with the student,” says Peer Tutor, Kayla Slide ’19. 


Dr. David DiSarro, associate dean and director of the writing center, says that All Night Write, catered to providing final paper and writing assignment support, helps to reduce student stress levels. He says it’s because, “Students are able to get a head-start, or complete, their work in a friendly, supportive, and fun environment.” It’s a win-win for students, he explains, “They gain the ability to improve their writing skills beyond just a single assignment.” 


Eliza Steadman ’18 says her experience being a peer tutor at past All Night Write’s has been hugely gratifying, “It is rewarding to help students out when they are feeling super overwhelmed. I have always felt really awesome when a student finishes up and they say, I feel so much more confident, it was helpful to talk that out, or the best yet, I feel like I can create a better paper.” 


Jennifer Pytel, program manager, urges students to attend All Night Write or Math Madness with questions big and small. Students are encouraged to attend these events with questions ranging from How do I solve a problem like this one? to Ok, I’ve written an introduction, now what? She says the events provide a laid back, fun environment where students feel comfortable being tutored for their last few assignments of the semester no matter what they’re seeking help for. She says all are welcome, “whether they have a quick question or want a full hour session.”


All Night Write will be held from 9 p.m.-12 a.m. on Wednesday, December 6, on the second floor of the Halle Library. Pizza and coffee will be provided. Math Madness, in conjunction with Finals Feed, will take place from 7-11p.m on Thursday, December 14, in the Lower Callahan. Please note that this event is for all math courses, accounting, finance, and computer science courses. Want to learn more about the Academic Resource Center, their events, or tutoring opportunities? Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.