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Endicott College Opens New Location in Downtown Boston Serving First Generation and NonTraditional College Students

October 24, 2016 - After three and a half years of serving first generation college students, Endicott College Boston is moving to a new, larger Academic Center at 200 Tremont Street. An open house will be held On Thursday, October 27th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm to celebrate the move.

Beverly, Massachusetts-based Endicott College opened a center in Boston’s Downtown Crossing in 2013, but quickly outgrew its original classrooms. The new location at 200 Tremont Street includes eight classrooms, a student learning center, a student lounge, a full computer lab, offices and a conference room. Tutoring and academic support is available daily for all students in the program.

Brian Pellinen, the Dean of Endicott Boston says, “This new space not only gives us much needed room to grow, but it also gives our current students access to more study space, more social space, and more tutoring hours.”

In its efforts to help first-generation college students build a strong academic community, the staff encourages students to stay after class or come early to form bonds with faculty and other students. Both Pellinen and founding Director Marcelo Juica agree, it is the social capital built in these extra hours that have led to the strong success rates. Juica continues: “Our student success is also a result of a team of individuals who value what students from very diverse backgrounds bring with them to college. We work, almost exclusively, with a non-traditional college population composed of adult learners, single parents, new immigrants and English Language learners -- and any adolescent that wants to enroll in college to start a career in Boston. We have just as much to learn from them as they do from us.”

Endicott College Boston offers Associate, Bachelor and Master’s degrees at competitive tuition rates and with highly personalized student attention. The small, personalized classes and advising helped Endicott Boston achieve a persistence and completion rate three to four times higher than national averages for the nontraditional students it serves.

Endicott Boston undergraduate classes in the morning run on a traditional semester schedule, and the undergraduate and graduate programs at night have schedules designed for people balancing work, life, family and school.

The Celebration on the October 27th is open to the college’s community partners and students interested in learning more about its degrees and unique college culture of Endicott Boston.