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Gull Orientation 2016

August 2, 2016

Leaving home, your personal comfort zone and safety net after 17+ years, can be a difficult transition. Endicott College aims to make the shift to the ‘Endicott way’ as seamless as possible for incoming students. On July 15-16, Endicott welcomed nearly 2,000 incoming students and families onto campus for the class of 2020’s Summer Orientation. Endicott strives to offer a vibrant academic experience to students throughout their four years on campus, and Orientation is no different.Orientation

During Orientation weekend, incoming students had the opportunity to take a wide-variety of mini introductory courses of their choosing such as: Theatre 101Politics & Social MediaHealthy Eating on CampusCreative WritingResidence Hall Gourmet and Yoga Chill-Out, among others. The weekend continued with students singing karaoke at Gully’s and making s’mores at an outdoor bonfire. Parents attended a concurrent but separate schedule that allowed for opportunities to ask questions, learn about services and activities, and meet other parents and College officials.

While Summer Orientation is recommended, Fall Orientation is required. Our incoming freshmen will join us again on September 5, two days before classes start, for a more immediate and personalized academic advising and acclimatization. Endicott is excited to have 785 new Gulls at the nest next month and watch them all soar over the next four years.