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Endicott College: A Great College To Work For

August 10, 2016

While faculty and staff agree, Endicott College was officially recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as a “2016 Great College To Work For.” The Chronicle’s Great Colleges to Work For survey is one of the largest and most respected workplace-recognition programs in the country. In its ninth annual report on The Academic Workplace, Endicott won honors in the following nine out of 12 categories:

  • Collaborative Governance: Faculty members are appropriately involved in decisions related to academic programs.
  • Professional/Career-Development Programs: Employees are given the opportunity to develop skills and understand requirements to advance in their careers.
  • Teaching Environment:Faculty members say the institution recognizes innovative and high-quality teaching.
  • Compensation and Benefits: Pay is fair, and benefits meet the needs of employees.
  • Facilities, Workspaces, and Security: Facilities adequately meet needs, the appearance of the campus is pleasing, and the institution takes steps to provide a secure environment.
  • Job Satisfaction and Support: Provides insight into the satisfaction with job fit, autonomy, and resources.
  • Confidence in Senior Leadership: Leaders have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience for institutional success.
  • Supervisor or Department-Chair Relationship: Supervisor makes expectations clear and solicits ideas.
  • Respect and Appreciation: Employees are regularly recognized for their contributions.

Although Endicott College has grown tremendously over the last 20 years, it has always stayed true to its mission of keeping the small-town feel as the College evolves. When you walk onto campus, you’re able to see the employees’ and faculty members’ dedication and commitment to the College. Endicott’s faculty and staff members are valued – and honored – for their hard work and an integral piece of the College community. Just like the students who enroll at Endicott, the faculty and staff are proud to be Gulls and here are just a few reasons why:

“I most enjoy working at Endicott College because we’re all here for our students. There’s an esprit de corps at Endicott that is a rare and wonderful thing. We’re all ‘rowing in the same direction’ – that is, we sincerely believe in the potential of our students, we’re glad they’ve chosen Endicott for their education, and we support one another to provide the very best opportunities possible for our students. And the students, for their part, are remarkable. They are academics, athletes, volunteers, leaders, dreamers and doers. When you see what our students accomplish individually and together during their Endicott years, it truly is humbling and invigorating. To be a part of that activity, to work at Endicott College alongside committed campus colleagues and talented students, it’s a privilege and a source of great pride.” – Brian Courtemanche, Library Director

“Seeing and being a part of the development of student’s lives from what may be a nervous/excited day one of freshman year, to the progress and transitions that occur during this defining time of their lives, is a major piece of what I enjoy about my job at Endicott.” – Helen Eaton, Program Coordinator, Internship & Career Center

“There are several reasons why I enjoy working at Endicott. For starters, the community at the College truly embraces you as more than just an employee. I’ve only been here for one year but it feels well beyond that at this point. Secondly, in my role as the College’s Sports Information Director, I am constantly encouraged to grow within my profession but also, and equally as important, as a leader in it as well. Those factors, coupled with the amount of creative freedom I am allowed to have in my role here at the College, make Endicott a special place to be.” – Shawn Medeiros, Sports Information Director

“Endicott is truly a special place! The people are amazing, facilities are second to none, the campus is beautiful and opportunities are endless. Where else can you go to work and enjoy every day on the job?” – Trish Pinciaro, Administrative Assistant, Athletic Department