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How to Apply

Steps to Applying for Undergraduate Students

  • Complete Application

    Start your application now! Our online application is easy to use, you can upload your essay and pay your $50 application fee. Please note, we do not participate in the Common Application.

  • Submit Transcripts and Scores
    • An official transcript of your high school or secondary school record including senior year first quarter/marking period grades. We ask that you have your high school forward this information directly to the Office of Admission. If you have not graduated from high school, please submit a GED certificate issued by your state Department of Education.
    • Test Scores (optional). Submission of SAT or ACT scores is optional for all programs.
    • The College requests that test scores be sent directly from ETS (code 3369) or ACT (code 1824). There may be a delay in recording test scores if you choose not to provide your Social Security number to the testing service. Please notify our office so that we can verify your scores manually.
    • Prior to your enrollment at Endicott, be sure to send your official final high school transcript.
  • Additional Materials
    • Submit a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor and/or teacher.
    • Resume (optional). You may submit a resume highlighting your leadership, extracurricular and athletic activities, work experience, and other secondary school accomplishments.
  • Check Your Status
    Once you have submitted all of your materials, it's only a matter of time before you hear back! Check your application status to ensure the Office of Admission has received all your required materials.
We encourage all applicants to apply using the online application form. However, if you  require the information in an alternative format, please download the pdf version of the application form.

Deadlines & Checklists

  • Early Decision Admission Plan

    Binding application for students who have made the decision that Endicott College is their first choice. Applicants are required to sign a commitment form that if offered admission, you will attend Endicott and withdraw all other applications.

    Application Deadline: November 1
    Financial Aid Application Deadline: November 15*
    Document Deadline: November 15
    Decision Notification: December 15

    Application Checklist: Application, $50 application fee, essay, secondary school transcript (grades 9-11), letter of recommendation, Early Decision Commitment Form, test scores (optional for all programs). 

    * In order to award a financial aid package with an offer of admission under the Early Decision Admission Plan, applicants must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit all necessary verification documents, if required.

  • Early Action Admission Plan

    Non-binding application for students who are interested in learning an admission decision earlier than regular decision and are confident of their academic record through junior year. Early action applicants are not required to submit grades from their senior year.

    Deadline: November 1
    Document Deadline: November 15
    Decision Notification: December 23
    Financial Aid Priority Deadline: March 15
    Candidate’s Reply Date: May 1

    Application Checklist: Application, $50 application fee, essay, secondary school transcript (grades 9-11), letter of recommendation, test scores (optional for all programs).

  • Nursing - Priority Application Deadline

    Students interested in applying to our nursing program must select either an Early Decision Application, Early Action Application, or the Nursing Priority Application to be given full consideration to the program. Applications submitted after the priority deadline will be reviewed, should space remain available.

    Deadline: December 1*
    Document Deadline: December 15
    Decision Notification: February 1
    Financial Aid Priority Deadline: March 15
    Candidate’s Reply Date: May 1

    *Nursing applicants are welcome to apply early decision or early action. 

    Application Checklist: Application, $50 application fee, essay, secondary school transcript (grades 9-11) including the first marking period grades of senior year), letter of recommendation, and test scores (optional). 

  • Regular Decision Admission Plan

    A non-binding application decision plan. Students applying to the College under the regular decision admission plan will receive notification of their admission decision no later than March 31.

    Deadline: February 15
    Document Deadline: March 1
    Decision Notification: no later than March 31*
    Financial Aid Priority Deadline: March 15
    Candidate’s Reply Date: May 1

    Application Checklist: Application, $50 application fee, essay, secondary school transcript (grades 9-11), first marking period grades of senior year, letter of recommendation, test scores (optional for all program).

    *Admission decisions will be released on a bi-weekly basis beginning on or before February 15. All completed regular decision applicants will receive their admission decision by March 31.

  • Spring Semester Admission Plan

    Thinking of joining our Endicott College community for the spring semester? First-year students and transfers who are looking to begin classes in January are encouraged to begin communicating with us well before the application and financial aid deadline. 

    Learn more about the Spring Semester Application process, application requirements, and prior credit approval. Please contact Assistant Director of Admission, Anna Wetterhorn, at with any questions regarding spring semester admission.

  • Transfer Students

    If you are enrolled at another institution and are interested in making Endicott your home, we welcome you to submit an application to transfer. We embrace all potential transfers who appeal to an undergraduate student experience that is engaging, creative, and nurturing to their needs. 

    Learn more about the Transfer Student Admission process, application requirements, and prior credit approval.

  • Financial Aid Application Deadline
    Financial Aid Application Deadlines
    Decision Plan Financial Aid Application Deadline
    Early Decision  November 15
    Early Action  March 15
     Nursing - Priority Deadline March 15
     Regular Decision March 15
     Transfer Admission (Fall) March 15
     Spring Applicants (First-Year and Transfer Applicants) December 15

    You will receive notification of your financial aid award 2-4 weeks after receiving your offer of admission, pending your completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been submitted to Endicott. Applicants offered admission through the Early Decision Application Plan will receive their financial aid award with their offer of admission.

Additional Information

  • Change of Program

    Should you decide to change your program of study after admission is offered, you must request a change in writing to the Office of Admission at

  • Transferring AP Credits

    We participate in the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board. Course exemption and/or credit will be awarded to students presenting scores of 3 or higher on AP examinations, except for math and science exams, which require a minimum score of 4. The AP Credit Matrix (updated in 2012) is available on the Registrar page. Please request that your scores be sent to our Office of Admission directly from the College Board (Code 3369). Once the scores have been evaluated, you will be notified of any advanced standing awarded.

  • Admission Essay

    In the admission process applicants are required to respond to one of three of our essay statements, which are listed below:

    1. Share a personal essay on a topic of your choice that will help the Admission Committee understand the person you are and the values you will bring to our community.
    2. Define what success means to you and how Endicott will contribute to your future academic, personal, and professional success.
    3. J. T. Adams stated, “There are . . . two educations. One should teach you how to make a living and the other how to live.” Describe what this quote means to you and your expectations of your Endicott experience.

Admission Guidelines

Transfer Students

If you're transferring to Endicott from another institution, you'll want to review the transfer application checklist.

International Students

International students are required to submit additional application documents to be considered for admission.

Military Families Admission

Find more information unique to the military application processes, including family members using military benefits.

Graduate and Professional Admission

Looking for graduate or adult undergraduate programs? Visit the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies admission page.