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0:00 (upbeat music)
0:06 - The opportunity in the sports leadership field
0:08 it's not just cornered or centered into one avenue.
0:11 This could be from a professional standpoint,
0:14 college, high school, non-profit,
0:17 and owning your own business.
0:18 Basically, we are preparing a student for a career
0:21 in the sports industry, whatever their skillset
0:23 and whatever their passion.
0:26 We are very fortunate. We have phenomenal faculty,
0:29 the majority are real life practitioners,
0:31 are leaders in their field, they're decision makers,
0:34 they engage with our students.
0:36 For example we have a couple of faculty members
0:38 that work for the National Hockey League,
0:39 faculty members that work in collegiate athletics
0:42 and administration and leadership roles.
0:44 We also have a faculty that worked at the high school level,
0:46 administration and leadership roles.
0:48 And then globally. Here at Endicott College,
0:51 the Master of Science in Sport Leadership program,
0:53 also offers extreme flexibility,
0:55 where our program is 100% online,
0:57 we have an asynchronous format.
0:59 The flexibility is definitely a huge offering
1:02 as well as the networking opportunities,
1:04 not only our faculty, but the networking opportunities
1:07 with their students in the class as well as
1:10 our alumni and our external advisory board.
1:14 A thing that makes us unique,
1:16 that one-on-one advising. Myself and my associate director,
1:20 we will do our due diligence to help a student fulfill
1:25 that dream or if they're already in a career
1:27 in sports we wanna help them elevate
1:29 to that next level in the leadership role.
1:32 Once they graduate, they're still not done with our program.
1:35 They have a connection for life.
1:37 You're part of a network.
1:38 You're an ambassador and alumni of the program.
1:41 So, what they can expect is a lifelong contact,
1:45 a lifelong network, kinda opens the gambit
1:48 to many possibilities.