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Video Description

Courtney Gallo '19, a psychology major, spent her semester-long internship with ABA Therapeutics—an organization that specializes in early ABA intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Courtney gives us an inside look into her hands-on experience, part of Endicott's experiential learning model that requires students to complete three internships before graduation.

Text Transcript

0:03 My name is Courtney Gallo.
0:04 I'm a senior at Endicott College and I'm going to give you an inside look
0:08 at what I do on my internship at ABA Therapeutics.
0:12 I run a program with kids ages 2 to 5 who are on the autism spectrum.
0:18 We teach them social skills, language skills, food tolerance and potty training
0:24 to get them ready for school and the world.
0:28 This internship has definitely given me great real world experience
0:33 Real world experience is definitely key because as much as you can learn in
0:37 a classroom nothing will compare to actually hands on working with the kids
0:42 and getting those hours.
0:44 in the future, I plan on staying here.
0:47 I just got offered a job and they're going to work with me
0:51 to get the licenses I need to advance as I go on to graduate school.