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0:00 (bright upbeat music)
0:03 - We've designed what we call a professional MBA,
0:08 and what it is, is 42 credits 14 courses.
0:11 The goal of our program is to offer tools and techniques
0:15 that can be used real time in your day-to-day
0:17 while you're taking your courses.
0:20 What makes us special is again,
0:22 we have a practitioners lens,
0:23 and we're bringing in what we feel are the skills
0:26 that are going to help you elevate
0:28 where you are in your career.
0:30 I think one thing is we all are here,
0:31 we're very passionate about what we do.
0:34 We're very proud of what we do.
0:37 But we also are very student centric.
0:40 Your journey and your educational journey
0:43 is to us the priority.
0:45 You actually get customized,
0:47 here's the course that we recommend for you,
0:49 And then we use it as a dialogue to decide
0:52 what's best for you.
0:54 And what you think that you need in order to achieve
0:57 how you want to proceed through.
0:58 Again, it's designed for the working professionals.
1:00 So you have two options.
1:01 You can take up to two classes,
1:03 while you're completing your application
1:05 if you don't require financial aid.
1:07 But one of the key things to know
1:08 is just in general with the admissions
1:10 is there's no GMAT. A test to us is not an indicator.
1:13 Your professional work experience,
1:15 as well as your personal essay.
1:17 And we ask for two letters, a professional recommendation,
1:21 but we stay with you through that process.
1:23 But know that there are two different tracks for you
1:26 that are available to join our program.
1:31 The MBA allows you to hone your,
1:33 what I call your transferable skillset.
1:37 It helps you to define those key characteristics,
1:40 and thing, and tools, and focus areas,
1:42 and have you be able to use those.
1:44 Me personally because of my MBA,
1:47 and because of the type of program I've designed here,
1:49 my areas are project management, analytics,
1:52 financial analytics, and management
1:54 that I've been able to transfer beyond just one industry.
1:59 And that's the goal of this type of program,
2:01 and why it's designed the way it is.
2:03 Is to allow you to have that reflection,
2:05 to have that return on investment.
2:06 (bright upbeat music)