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Center for Diagrammatic and Computational Philosophy

  • About
    The Center for Diagrammatic & Computational Philosophy at Endicott College is dedicated to teaching and fostering research in diagrammatic and computational philosophy. We are particularly interested in how the collaborative work of philosophers, mathematicians, computer scientists and others at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels may contribute to the productive application of these innovative branches of knowledge to broader social, economic and political concerns (for example, through artificial intelligence applications, cognitive and decision-making prostheses, voting theory, bio-informatics, economic modeling, etc.).  We are committed to connecting with multiple research centers, scholars and academic institutions around the globe involved in similar and related research, and we aim to engage projects and relationships in these areas at local, regional and global levels.
  • Directors & Affiliated Members


    Gianluca Caterina, Professor of Mathematics, Endicott College

    Rocco Gangle, Professor of Philosophy, Endicott College


    Affiliated members

    Fernando Tohmé, Professor of Economics, CONICET - Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

    Nima Dehgani, Research Scientist, Allen Discovery Center, Tufts University

    David Spivak, Topos Institute

    Jacob M. Levenstein, PhD Researcher, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Oxford University (former Endicott student, self-designed Cognitive Studies major)

  • Current Projects

    G. Caterina and R. Gangle, co-editing of “Diagrams, Visual Models and Abduction” section of the forthcoming Handbook of Abductive Cognition, Springer Press

    G. Caterina, R. Gangle and F. Tohmé, project on category theory formalization of Peirce’s semiotics

    G. Caterina, R. Gangle and F. Tohmé, a new diagrammatic presentation of soundness and completeness proofs for Peirce’s Existential Graphs (alpha)

    Outreach for student support in diagrammatic modeling and reasoning in papers, presentations and senior thesis (in collaboration with the Endicott Division for Academic Success)

  • Events & Presentations

    (held at Endicott College unless otherwise noted)

    2011: Symposium on “Diagrammatic Ontology: Category Theory and Natural Universals” with B. Glenney (Gordon College) and M. Bukatin (Brandeis University)

    2011: J. Levenstein and K. Bissell, student co-presentation at the Endicott Undergraduate Research Symposium

    2012: Endicott Center for Teaching Excellence Workshop: Logical Diagrams in the Classroom

    2012: R. Gangle, guest lecture on “Diagrammatic Iconicity in Peirce” at Gordon College

    2012: K. Bissell, G. Caterina, R. Gangle and J. Levenstein, seminar on “Thinking in Images: Diagrams across the Divisions” for the Distinguished Visitors Program, Haverford College

    2013: S. Duffy (Yale-NUS), invited talk on “The Difference between Formal and Informal Mathematical Models in Deleuze and Badiou”

    2013: Research colloquium with F. Tohmé (Universidad Nacional del Sur) on strategic belief models and mathematical forcing

    2014: R. Gangle, invited presentation of “The Peirce Archive: A Pre-Sheaf in Progress” for the Construct-Peirce Workshop, Harvard University

    2015: R. Gangle, presentation of “Diagrams of Chaos: Sha Xin Wei and Deleuzian Mathematics” at Konstfack: University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden.

    2016: G. Caterina and R. Gangle, invited presentation on “A Categorical Approach to Creative Hypothesis-Formation” for the Workshop on Abduction, Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

    2016: G. Caterina and R. Gangle, participation in Workshop on Peirce’s Existential Graphs, University of Helsinki

    2017: Symposium with D. Spivak (MIT) and F. Tohmé (Universidad Nacional del Sur) on compositional diagrams and open games.

    2018: G. Caterina, invited talk on “The Diagrammatic Logic of C.S. Peirce: An Approach via Generic Figures” at Tufts University, Department of Mathematics.

    2019: R. Gangle, presentation of “Implementing Algorithmic and Computational Design in Philosophical Pedagogy” at the International Association of Computation and Philosophy, UNAM, Mexico City

    2020: R. Gangle, invited talk on “Diagrammatic Modernity” at Montserrat College of Art

    2020: G. Caterina, R. Gangle and F. Tohmé, presentation of “A Generic Figures Reconstruction of Peirce’s Existential Graphs (Alpha)” at the Applied Category Theory conference, MIT

    2020: F. Tohmé, presentation of “Compositionality in Defeasible Logic Programming”

  • Selected Publications

    K. Bissell and J.M. Levenstein, Language and Emptiness: A Diagrammatic Comparative Study of Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Nāgārjuna, 2011

    G. Caterina and R. Gangle, Iconicity and Abduction, Springer Press, 2016

    R. Gangle, Diagrammatic Immanence: Category Theory and Philosophy, Edinburgh University Press, 2016

    R. Gangle, G. Caterina and F. Tohmé, A Generic Figures Reconstruction of Peirce’s Existential Graphs (Alpha), Erkenntnis, 2020.

    F. Tohmé, G. Caterina and R. Gangle, Abduction: A Categorical Characterization, Journal of Applied Logic, 2015