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The Center for Academic Coaching Agreement is in place to clarify our services and to outline our practices. We require that both parent/guardian and student sign so there is no misunderstanding or false expectation. Please complete and submit the form that follows. If you have difficulties or questions, please contact us at or 978-998-7786.

Review of Program Parameters

The Center for Academic Coaching is open to any student from any degree program on campus.

Students working with academic coaches in the Center for Academic Coaching will meet their academic coaches at the schedule decided by this agreement. Sessions can be scheduled once, twice, or three times per week (50 minutes per session) for each week of the 15-week semester. Sessions occur at a fixed time each week, but are scheduled according to the student’s availability.

Academic Coaches focus primarily with participants on the following skill sets:

  • Organizing course material and managing a college schedule
  • Creating work plans and study schedules from initiation to completion, based on class syllabi and other commitments
  • Managing calendars and to-do lists
  • Preparing for exams by working on test-taking strategies
  • Developing study skills unique to college-level work
  • Assisting in accessing additional resources around campus, including tutoring, writing, and counseling services
  • Developing academic self-awareness and confidence
  • Encouraging the balance between academic responsibilities and navigating college life
  • Connecting to campus opportunities for involvement and engagement

Please note: Mastery of content and completion of assignments while attending sessions is not the focus of the Center for Academic Coaching.


The cost of the Center for Academic Coaching is $1,750 for the semester for two sessions per week. The fee is prorated if a student chooses to participate after the semester has already begun. A third session each week is available for an additional $875.00. A single weekly session is available for a fee of $875.00. This option is not available to freshmen.


If a student attends the first scheduled session of the semester, the agreement is considered binding. Withdrawal from the Center after the first meeting results in forfeiture of the Center fee. At the end of each semester, the agreement remains in effect unless we are notified by both student and parent/guardian that a student no longer wishes to participate. Without notification, students will remain enrolled automatically and billed through the Bursar’s office.

To enroll, click here and log in using your Endicott email and password. (You will be redirected to an outside site).