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Understanding Your Bill

  • Tuition

    In our undergraduate school, full-time students are billed a flat tuition rate per semester when taking between 12-18 credits. Part-time students taking fewer than 12 credits are billed per credit. The semester-long, 12-credit internship is charged the full-time day flat tuition rate.

  • Overload

    Full-time traditional undergraduate students taking more than 18 credits in a semester are charged an overload fee based on the per credit rate that applies.

  • Housing

    There are several housing options at Endicott. Students are billed for selected housing in each semester. Single rooms are charged an additional cost. If a student is in the process of a room assignment, but not completed, the bill will have a charge for "estimated housing." The estimation is based on the Traditional Room cost. Once the assignment is complete, any adjustment will be reflected on the E-Bill. Questions regarding housing may be addressed to or 978-232-2141.

  • Meal Plans

    Endicott offers several meal plan options. Meal plans are billed on a semester basis. Please note that if a student selected a meal plan for which they are not eligible, adjustments will be reflected on the E-Bill once housing assignments are completed. Please refer to the fee schedule for the deadline to make changes. Questions regarding meal plans may be addressed to or 978-232-2141.

  • Fees

    The General Curricular Fee is billed per semester to all traditional undergraduate students. Other fees are listed on the fee schedule.

  • Health Insurance Fee

    The Health Insurance Fee is a mandatory charge, billed in the fall semester for the entire year. The charge cannot be removed unless and until a waiver form is completed. The waiver form must be completed online. The deadline to waive is August 1. The charge cannot be removed after the deadline.

  • Parking Decal Fee

    This is an annual charge billed upon registration of a student's vehicle. The charge will be added to E-Bill.

  • Parking Violations

    A summary of parking tickets is posted to the student account on a monthly basis. Any appeals must be submitted to the Public Safety Department within three business days of receipt of ticket.

  • Damages and Fines

    A summary of any damage charges is posted to the student account on a monthly basis when the charges exceed $25.00. All charges under $25.00 are held in the housing file until the end of the semester, at which time all charges are moved to the student account. Common area damage charges will be assessed to all residents of a particular hall if accountability for damage cannot be assigned to a specific student. A detailed listing of assessed damages can be viewed online by the student and parent.

  • Tuition Payment Plan

    If you are participating in the Tuition Payment Plan, half of your annual contract will be credited to your bill for each semester. Note: If you make changes to your contract, these changes will not be reflected until we receive the monthly update from our payment plan provider. To enroll go to Payment Options and Policies.

  • Financial Aid

    If all your paperwork has been received and processed, and you have signed and returned your award letter to the Financial Aid Office, your invoice should include your financial aid. If you have returned your award letter and your financial aid is not reflected on your invoice, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at (978) 232-2070 or (978) 232-2060.

  • Stafford Loans

    Stafford Loans will be displayed on your invoice as estimated. Actual loan amounts received will be less than estimated due to origination fees charged by the United States Department of Education.

  • Other Scholarships

    Private scholarships may be deducted from your bill if you provide a copy of the scholarship letter to the Office of the Bursar.