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Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Endicott College, as an institution of higher education, is committed to creating a community of learners where student growth, development, and maturity are fostered both in the classroom, across the campus, and in professional settings. Foremost in this community are the concepts of respect, civility, trust, and understanding. The Student Code of Conduct is in place to foster and protect the core mission of the College, to foster the growth of the individual student in a safe and secure learning environment, and to protect the welfare of the College community.

The Student Code of Conduct strives to take an educational approach to address community standards violations and resolve cases of alleged misconduct in a fair, responsible and timely manner. The desired outcome of all student conduct cases is to redirect improper student behavior into acceptable conduct, help students understand how their behavior impacts others, and protect the rights of victims and the community as a whole. However, when individual behavior conflicts with the values of the College, the individual must choose whether to adapt his or her behavior to meet the needs of the community or leave the College.

All students, and their guests, are expected to be aware of, and abide by, the rules and regulations of the College as detailed in the Student Handbook and the Student Engagement Pamphlet on Values, Expectations and Standards. 

Download the 2023–24 Student Handbook (PDF)