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02/24/2023 - Arts and Culture

"Interconnected" Art Exhibition Brings Artists from Ireland to the North Shore

Endicott College will host "Interconnected," the MTU Arts Office STEAM Award Exhibition 2022, featuring the works of artists Bernie Hennessy, Aoife Nolan, and Przemyslaw Richter, who are students at Munster Technological University in Cork, Ireland.
02/23/2023 - Students

Learning by Doing: Seniors Reflect on Recent Internships

Endicott seniors discuss what they learned during fall internships and how they’re applying those lessons toward their future careers.
02/23/2023 - Students

A Passion for Helping Others

Inspire Scholar and psychology major Cheryl Mei ’25 is preparing for a profession in which she can comfort, encourage, and empower others.
02/22/2023 - Campus Happenings

Giving Day is Back—Here’s How You Can Make a Difference

Endicott’s fifth annual Giving Day returns on March 1 after a record-breaking turnout in 2022.
02/17/2023 - Students

Helping to Make a Decision

Endicott tour guides lead prospective students and families around the College on a daily basis, bringing their own experiences and jokes along the way.
02/17/2023 - Academics

Applied Behavior Analysis: New Opportunities for a Growing Field

Endicott’s new Institute for Applied Behavioral Science widens the scope of opportunity for students.
02/15/2023 - Faculty and Staff

Life 101: How to Quit

Whether it’s for mental health reasons, to move cities for a relationship, to care for a family member, or to pursue a different dream with a higher salary—quitting occasionally is unavoidable and nothing to feel shame about.
02/11/2023 - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Can Sharing Our Struggles Connect Us? Monti Washington Thinks So

In a powerful and interactive talk, actor, writer, and poet Monti Washington provided insight on stereotypes, biases, and how you don’t know someone’s story just by looking at them.
02/10/2023 - Campus Happenings

The Wellness Center Gets Real

Wellness Center staff are launching an inaugural Wellness Fair and a series of workshops addressing students’ growing mental health concerns plus zeitgeisty topics like gaslighting and body positivity.
02/08/2023 - Faculty and Staff

Endicott College Faculty Talk the Literature of Love on Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, we asked Endicott’s writers and English faculty to share their favorite love poems—with a few surprises.
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