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New Year’s Resolutions from the Nest

2023 written in the sand
With the arrival of 2023, we asked students, faculty, and staff their resolutions for this new year.
By: Madison Schulman

Goodbye 2022, hello 2023! A new year often brings new resolutions: hobbies to take on, adventures to experience, and achievements to strive for. We talked to members of the Endicott community about their resolutions for the upcoming year. 


Cat Harris, Assistant Director of Residential Education


My number one resolution for 2023 is to establish a routine for myself. I am hoping to create consistent times for sleeping and waking up and days for doing other things I enjoy, like indoor rock climbing, getting outside, and reading. I believe that self-care should be proactive and that routines help establish tools and a mindset to help people get through stressful periods. I struggled to get a good routine last year, and I am excited to really focus on it this year.


Tate Matte ’26, Men's Basketball


My new year’s resolution is to bring more joy and call my mom more.


Anna McAlister, Professor and Faculty Department Lead, Curtis L. Gerrish School of Business


Each year I give quite a bit of thought to my resolutions and so I typically have a lengthy list. Some fun ones from this year’s list are: try at least one new recipe each week; travel to at least one country I haven’t been to before; and compliment at least one person each day.


Adin Jepsky ’26, Men's Volleyball


My new year’s resolution is to get better grades.


Michael Miller, Coordinator of Digital Imaging and Assistant Professor, Photography


I have two new year’s resolutions as it pertains to my photography. One is to begin a new fine art series of long exposure photographs during the day using neutral density filters. The other is to put together a fine art series of precious metal prints (gold, silver, white gold, and palladium). This entails printing on vellum and back leafing in precious metals.


Amy Cohn, Director, Center for Academic Coaching


My new year's resolution is to participate more in the national conversation about academic coaching and academic support—write more articles, present at a conference, and, well, just talk, talk, talk with colleagues around the country about our shared passion for working with college students. Oh, and exercise! And, eat right! And, never miss a summer sunset!


Tori InDelicato ’24, Dance Team


My resolution for this team is to just remember that every single moment becomes a memory, so just to be grateful for all of our opportunities and really live in the moment.


Marlin Nabors, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students


I love the energy the start of a new year brings. So, while I don't have the practice of identifying a specific objective, I do embrace the spirit of renewal and take the opportunity to recommit to ideals. At Endicott, that means continuing to elevate powerful, learning-oriented programming for students outside the classroom.


Joy Dangora Erickson, Assistant Professor, School of Education


I typically do not make new year’s resolutions; however, this year I did map out a plan for achieving a goal that I have shelved for quite some time. I decided to make furthering my Italian language skills a priority and a habit. I am taking an online course and practicing my pronunciation each morning using the Babbel app in an effort to be more confident and capable when I return to Italy this summer!


Cassie Caldwell ’23, Women’s Basketball


My new year’s resolution is to have more 3-pointers than Emily St. Thomas because roomie goals.


Donny Femino, Assistant Vice President, Research and Planning


My new year’s resolution is to sleep more; which will help me feel better, maintain a healthy immune system, lose weight, and save money.


Sam Fantasia ’25, Women’s Ice Hockey


My new year’s resolution is to not spend money on coffee.


Sergio Inestrosa, Professor, Spanish


1. Continue improving my teaching.

2. Continue reading and writing.

3. Continue exercising.


Dina Gentile, Professor, Sport Management & Esports Management


To deliberately pause, to absorb, and appreciate the uniqueness of the people and environment(s) around me. To carve out more time to be around the people who make me laugh until I cry!


Derek Contessa ’23, Men's Ice Hockey


My new year’s resolution is to win a national championship.


Kate Chroust, Director of Career Services


A tradition that my husband and I have is that every January we write goals for the year that are broken into five categories: family (on Sunday mornings spend individual time with each kid); fun (take a family trip to London/Paris); home (create outdoor master plan); health/wellness (incorporate more vegetarian dishes into the week); and work (complete Career Transition Certificate Program). Every year we look back on them and then revise for the next year.