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Relive the 2019 Endicott College Commencement Ceremonies

Aerial shot of the 2019 Undergraduate College Commencement
The 2019 Endicott College Commencement ceremonies were held on May 23, for the Van Loan School, and May 25, for the Undergraduate College, at Hempstead Stadium.

Endicott College’s class of 2019 came to “the nest” from 31 states and 23 countries. They studied diverse fields, from the arts to the sciences, from business and communication to education and hospitality management or nursing to sport and fitness, to name a few. But regardless of each student’s chosen field of study, what united them was the Endicott Way: the belief that the best way to prepare for career success was to learn by doing, and so they did. In total, 1,135 graduates crossed the stage at Endicott’s Hempstead Stadium, so it would be impossible to encapsulate the totality of the Endicott experience for any graduating class in one short article. Nonetheless, we offer the stories, videos, and photos below in attempt to provide at least a glimpse into the rich lives of Endicott’s most recent graduating class.

Commencement through Pictures

Commencement week at Endicott College. A time for celebration and a time for the most memorable moments to capture on camera. Here are a few that caught our eye of the thousands that were taken.

Garold Miller, CEO of HALO, speaking on stage at the 2019 Undergraduate College Commencement

Undergraduate Keynote

Garold Miller, chief executive officer at HALO

At Endicott’s undergraduate commencement ceremony on May 25, Garold C. Miller, chief executive officer at HALO, urged the class of 2019 to never give up. “I’ve heard ‘no’ hundreds and hundreds of times, but I refused to believe that the things I had built had to be like things that already existed,” Miller said. “Society has enough conformists. We need more people who don’t give up when they hear ‘no.’” 

Here is a look at a few of the undergraduates in the class of 2019 that excelled at Endicott and never gave up:

Latoyia Edwards, NBC Universal morning news anchor, addressing students at the 2019 Van Loan School Commencement

Van Loan School Keynote

Latoyia Edwards, NBC Universal

At Endicott’s Van Loan School commencement ceremony on May 23, at which many graduate students and some adult undergraduate students crossed the stage, NBC10 Boston’s Latoyia Edwards advised the class of 2019 to follow their passions, to take ownership of writing their own story, and to find ways to help others. “I challenge you, on your continued climb, to reach back and give someone else a boost along the way,” Edwards said.

Here is a look at just one of the many Van Loan School students who will now begin crafting their chapter’s next story:

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What's Next for the Class of 2019?

What’s next for the class of 2019? Some are embarking on exciting new careers with positions at employers such as AMP Agency, Ernst & Young, Marriott, Oracle, and The Sports Museum. Others are continuing their education in graduate programs at institutions such as Boston University, Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University, Suffolk University Law School, or Endicott’s own Van Loan School. Before they move on, however, many members of the class of 2019 will return to Endicott—as alumni—for Endicott Alumni Reunion Weekend on June 7-9, 2019. These newest Gulls may be taking flight, but they will always have a home nest to return to where they can reconnect with their flock.