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Endicott Community Members Set to Run Boston Marathon

Sean Quirk Boston Marathon
Endicott is proud to have faculty, staff, and alumni running in the Boston Marathon. Here are their inspiring stories.

In most of the U.S., Patriots’ Day is just another Monday. But in Massachusetts, it’s one of the biggest days on the calendar.

And nothing signifies that more than the annual Boston Marathon.

At Endicott College, we are honored to have multiple staff, faculty, and alumni running in the 2019 edition of the Boston Marathon. Before they down pounds of pasta Sunday night and run 26.2 miles Monday from Hopkinton, Mass., over Heartbreak Hill, and across the finish line on Boylston Street, we talked with a few of them about the big race.

Here are their inspiring Boston Marathon stories.

Sean Quirk Boston MarathonSean Quirk, associate director of athletics

Who are you running for and why do you feel it's important for you to do so?
I am running the 2019 Boston Marathon for Boston Children's Hospital (Miles for Miracles team). I've joined this team because I believe so strongly in all the amazing things Boston Children's Hospital does for kids. At the age of 12, I had open heart surgery at Children's, and my son, Kaden, and daughter, Payton, have had several surgeries at Children's. We have seen firsthand the amazing impact they can have on families. I will be training, fundraising, and running the 2019 Boston Marathon for everyone there. I do have three special patient partners who will inspire me to do my best during this journey—Kenny Wallace, Erik Bell, and Daniel McMenamy.  

What is your running background?
As a lacrosse player growing up and playing through college and professionally, I always ran—not long distance like today. I enjoy the training and the journey to support children who need support through different organizations. As much of running a marathon is physical, it also is mental. I always focus on the "why" and what motivates me to push through. That "why" is the children who need support and care to live out their dreams.

What are some of your favorite memories from previous Boston Marathons?
Last year seeing my partner patient, Kenny Wallace, and his family at mile 23, I knew I could push through the remaining length. I also had the support of my family, friends, and trainer, LivingProof Wellness. Last year I ran for Team IMPACT, which is a national nonprofit that connects children facing serious and chronic illnesses with college athletic teams, forming life-long bonds and life-changing outcomes.

What are your goals for this year’s Boston Marathon? 
My goal is to create awareness for Boston Children's Hospital and each and every child who needs medical attention. I also plan to raise $10,000 for Boston Children's Hospital and to finish the Boston Marathon.

Jonathan Williams Boston MarathonJonathan Williams, assistant athletic trainer, strength & conditioning coach

Who are you running for and why do you feel it's important for you to do so?
I am running for the Bay State Games and Massachusetts Amateur Sports Foundation. I feel it is important because I grew up in Massachusetts, and I was an athlete in high school and continue to be one today. The Bay State Games provide great opportunities for young athletes to showcase their skills and get recruited by colleges like Endicott. I myself have competed in and won the Bay State Games before. It also has scholarship programs, financial assistance programs, and ambassador programs. 

What is your running background?
I am an athletic trainer and strength & conditioning coach at the College. I have always been athletic and active. The Boston Marathon has been on my bucket list for a long time—it was just a matter of time until the right opportunity came up to do it. My background has always been more in sports like ice hockey and strength training. The longest I was capable of running before I started training was about four miles. Now I am ready to do 26.2 miles.

What are your goals for this year’s Boston Marathon? 
My first goal is to surpass my fundraising goal. I have raised $8,050 so far and want to get to $8,500. I also hope to break four hours in the marathon, which would be a great accomplishment.  

Amanda Peters Boston MarathonAmanda Peters ’14

Who are you running for and why do you feel it's important for you to do so?
I am running for a charity called Caring For Cure, which benefits the Mass General Cancer Center and provides for oncology patients and their families. I am an oncology nurse at Mass General, so being able to run for a charity I work with directly is pretty special. I am personally running for my friend since kindergarten who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 16. Here is a little bit about him and why I chose to run that was used for the charity:

I am running the Boston Marathon in honor of my friend since kindergarten, Danny Williams. Danny was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and sadly lost his battle at the age of 16. Danny battled each and every day with a smile on his face. Not only did he have a smile on his own face but he put a smile on everyone else’s face around him. He continued to participate in activities that every high school kid would want to. He had a huge supportive group of family and friends and stayed active with the things he loved throughout his journey. I always knew I wanted to be a nurse but it is because of Danny that I decided to be an oncology nurse. The stories he and his mom, Gail, told about the positivity some of the nurses brought to his not-so-easy experience, inspired me. Now I get to do that each and every day when I go to work. Danny continues to be remembered by his positive energy and contagious smile. These 26.2 are for you Danny; you’re always in our hearts.

What is your running background?
This is will be my first marathon. It has always been a bucket list thing for me.

What are your goals for this year’s Boston Marathon? 
My goals for the marathon are to finish and to take in every minute of it and just enjoy the experience. Running 26.2 miles is nothing compared to what my oncology patients go through, so I will be thinking them and my friend, Danny, the whole time. I’m doing this for me but I’m also doing it for them.

Donations for Peters’ cause can be made here.

Jonathon Jasak Boston MarathonJonathon Jasak ’02

Who are you running for and why do you feel it's important for you to do so?
I am running in the Boston Marathon for the Mass General Pediatric Oncology Department. They are very important to me because I was diagnosed with cancer and had my treatment at this facility. Without their help and expertise, I likely wouldn’t be alive.

What is your running background?
I enjoy running and this is my first marathon. I’ve run many 5K/10K and a couple half marathons as well. My wife told me when I turned 40 I could do a marathon. So why not Boston, right?

What are your goals for this year’s Boston Marathon? 
My goals are simple—finish Boston and raise funds for this amazing cause.

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