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Active Artists as Educators at Endicott College

July 14, 2017

Currently on view through October 1 are works by Endicott College School of Visual and Performing Arts faculty, on display in the Heftler Visiting Artist Gallery. Faculty Art Exhibition provides students, colleagues, and visitors a glimpse into the creative and professional work of many of the visual and performing arts faculty. Participating artists include: Sarah Bischoff, Andrew Brody, Danielle Currier, Krystal Demaine, Sanford Farrier, Steve Liss, Michael Miller, Kyoungmin Park, Carol Pelletier, Cynthia Roberts, Nikki Sao Pedro Welch, Penny Singh, Mark Towner, and Larry Volk.Piece by Sandy Farrier

College faculty usually go into teaching because of the depth of their interest in certain subjects or disciplines. To this art and design, faculty add their passion for creative expression. University-level teaching is often an environment where professors are expected to continue professional development in their field. For many teaching artists, like those at Endicott, this comes easily as they often live to create: Their personal and professional identifies are intertwined with the fruits of their creative expression. Endicott Vice President, Dr. Laura Rossi-Le, has said of faculty presentations like this one: “The greatest lessons that faculty provide [students] often occur beyond the studio, when they make public their craft and vision, sharing the results of their own artistic endeavors.”

The School of Visual and Performing Arts Faculty Exhibition allows visitors an opportunity to view new directions in work by Endicott College’s dynamic artists and educators. The show is representative of the long-standing strengths of the School’s undergraduate programs focus on painting, sculpture, theater, photography, graphic design, and interior design, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations, video, digital media, and academic publications. 

An opening reception for the exhibition will be held on Friday, September 29, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. The exhibition and reception is free and open to the public.

If you have any questions regarding Faculty Art Exhibition at Endicott College, please contact Kathleen Moore at 978-232-2655 or Visit our website for further information on future exhibits and lectures opportunities.