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“Toys-for-Tickets” initiative helps those in need during the holidays

November 29, 2016 

Box of ToysEndicott College is pleased to announce its first “Toys-for-Tickets” program, sponsored by the College’s Public Safety Department, which will run from December 1 to December 16. Toys-for-Tickets allows members of the Endicott community to come together and ​​help those in need during the holiday season by turning what would normally be a negative – a parking fine, into a positive – a toy donation. The program is open to anyone with an outstanding parking or traffic ticket that has been issued between September 1 and December 16.  

“The purpose of the program is to allow students and other community members to pay off campus parking tickets by donating toys, which will be collected by the College and given to a worthy cause,” said Dr. Richard Wylie, President of Endicott College. 

For each donation of a new, non-violent toy valued at $20 or more, one parking ticket fine will be waived. Through this program, community members will have the opportunity to have up to five outstanding parking tickets waived.

All toys should be brought to the Parking and Traffic Office in the Public Safety Building along with the tickets to be waived. Those who do not have any parking tickets and wish to contribute may do so by bringing a toy donation to Endicott College’s Public Safety Department at 376 Hale Street in Beverly, MA during normal business hours.

“This is a good way for students and others who may have misunderstood the parking regulations to start with a clean slate for the spring semester while giving back to the larger community,” said Charlie Femino, Endicott’s Police Chief.

All toys will be donated to a local charity to assist families and their children in enjoying the holiday seaso​n.