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Endicott Celebrates Visual Communications Alumni

Endicott College is proud to announce the exhibition Theory and Practice which showcases the work of 12 graduates of Endicott’s Department of Visual Communications. The exhibition is located in the Spencer Presentation Gallery, Manninen Center for the Arts, Endicott College, 376 Hale Street, Beverly  from now – Friday, August 14, 2015.  Gallery hours are Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 5:00 p.m., Friday:  9:00 – 12:00 p.m.  The exhibit is free and open to the public.

The alumni participants in this exhibition all completed the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design or Photography, and are actively involved in their respective professional disciplines. The work on display represents some of their most recent accomplishments.

Theory and Practice is a first for Endicott’s School of Visual and Performing Arts in that the entire gallery exhibition is displayed on computers, with each participant having a dedicated monitor. This display concept grew out of the Department’s awareness that these days much of the Graphic Design or Photography alums’ work is being produced for the internet. As such, the digital displays both reflect the modern realities of those professions and echo the Visual Communications Department’s dedication toward insuring the contemporary relevance of the curriculum.

The participating alumni are: Kristen Bernard, Christine Carforo, Kevin Connolly, Lisa Czech, Andrew Johnson, Carley Johnson, Angela Klempner, David Le, Alain Montes, Stephanie Pfriender Stylander, Pat Vaughn, and Elise Weeks.

Endicott College offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Graphic Design and Photography. In a world increasingly influenced by interactive media and time based messaging, graphic designers today are collaborative and multidisciplinary information strategists.  The BFA in Graphic Design includes two optional study tracks- Advertising/Brand Development and Web Design/Development.  These study tracks distinguish the Graphic Design program at Endicott by highlighting the unique interdisciplinary opportunities available to students who attend “art school” within a liberal arts college.  The BFA in Photography provides students with an understanding of the skills, technologies, methods, and industry practices that are applicable to any type of photographic work.  The program keeps pace with the rapid evolution of photo-editing software and hardware development, and the steady morphing of the photograph professions to include time-based media among its required proficiencies.  Given the well publicized call for interdisciplinary and technical skills within the photography profession, many photography students take additional coursework in communication, business, and studio art.  The BFA in Photography includes three recommended inter-disciplinary study tracks: Fine Art Photography, Photojournalism and Documentary, and Commercial Photography.

Graphic Design and Photography students and faculty work in the most technologically advanced digital studios on the North Shore, and on one of the most beautiful beach-front campuses in the world.

In addition to Graphic Design and Photography, Endicott College offers programs in Art Education Art History, Art Therapy, Arts Administration, Dance, Music, Studio Art and Theater.

If you have any questions regarding  Theory to Practice: Alumni Works Graphic Design and Photography, please contact Kathleen Moore at 978-232-2655 Our website is: for further information on future exhibits and lectures opportunities.