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Endicott College Ranked #8 in “30 Amazing Colleges at the Beach”

How does Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts compare to colleges and universities world-wide on or near beaches? A recently published article, "30 Amazing Colleges at the Beach" by  Online Schools Center ranked the top 30 colleges and universities around the world who have something to offer studious beach lovers, boasting as they do such features as gorgeous private stretches of sand, tropical views, and inviting waters in which to take a dip.

Located everywhere from California to the Caribbean and South Africa to the Seychelles, the campuses are all within easy reach of the beach, making them ideal destinations for learners who wish to relax in stunning surroundings after a hard day’s hitting the books.

In order to determine which of the schools to include based on truly “at the beach,” they looked at how near to golden expanses of sand the campuses are and their ease of accessibility to the schools’ students.

They further investigated what might make each beach attractive to students; often this came down to factors like natural beauty and suitability for swimming, surfing and other water sports. Purpose-built facilities for the college on the beach were looked into as well, as was use of the locale by any of the school’s clubs or organizations. This helped to reinforce the link between the institution and the beach and to point up the variety of appealing activities that take place there.

Endicott College and its three beaches placed eighth behind two Florida universities, Sabah University of Malaysia, St. George’s in the West Indies, University of Virgin Islands in St. Thomas, University of California, San Diego, and St. Matthews in the Cayman Islands.

Commenting on the article, President Richard Wylie said, “Proud to be in Beverly and to be part of the City’s wonderful attractions!”