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Reserve a Brick in Alumni Walk

Located at the steps of the Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts facing the Endicott Lakes, Alumni Walk is the site of the annual Luminaries Ceremony for graduating seniors, as well as one the most beautiful areas on campus. Be a part of it!

Established in 2014 to celebrate Endicott's 75th Anniversary, Alumni Walk currently bears the imprint of more than 1,000 alumni—and there is still room for your name or the name of someone you love.

Please note that this is the only way to secure your brick on Alumni Walk. Making your gift through our regular gift link or sending a gift by mail will not automatically reserve your brick. If you would like to mail your reservation, please enclose a note stating that you are reserving a brick for Alumni Walk, enclose a gift of $250 or greater, and review the inscription details below so you can submit your inscription with payment.

Please note:  All brick reservations received during a fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) will be installed that August.

Reserve Your Brick: Alumni Walk Giving

Inscription Details

Each brick will be inscribed with your name and class year. As a general rule, we are limited to 15 characters on each line but realize that your name may exceed that length. We will do our best to accommodate a longer name, but this is ultimately at the discretion of our engraver. The bottom line of the inscription will read “Class of XXXX” for undergraduate alumni; “Class of M’14” for graduate students who indicate they would like the master's degree specified in their engraving; and “Class of ’14 M’15” for alumni with a dual degree when both degrees are specified when the reservation is made. Alumni of Malden Hospital will have the notation “MHA 19XX” for the bottom line and will be placed in a special section of Alumni Walk with other Malden Hospital alumni.

When you make your gift, the information you enter in the field “Alumnus Name” and “Class” will be used to create your inscription.

We are not able to accommodate sentiments, special sayings, majors or residence hall names in Alumni Walk, but we can include a short nickname, i.e. “Joseph ‘Gully’ Endicott”. We will place a brick with the phrase “In Memory Of” if you are remembering a deceased alumnus.

We cannot accommodate two names (i.e. husband and wife, siblings, etc.) on one brick. You can reserve two bricks that will be placed together, but you must send an email to to confirm the side-by-side placement of the two bricks. A single donor ordering multiple bricks will not guarantee that bricks will be placed together unless a confirmation email is submitted.

Sample Engravings:
Mary Jane
Class of 1945
Elizabeth Sears
Class of '09 M'11
Patricia Souza
MHA 1969