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Alumni Notes by Graduation Year

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Ginger Warwick Judge returned to campus for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the addition to the Ginger Judge Science Center on May 1, 2019. [Fall 2019]
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Anne Mahaffey Leppert would love to hear from the Class of '59. She is still living in Indianapolis, Indiana in a retirement community. She says, "my husband Bill died this past May of Parkinson's and related problems, so I am on to a new way of living." [Fall 2020)

Margaret (Peggy) Renwick Tutone has spent the last 15 years working in Zurich. Recent travels include Scotland and England, South America, and Hawaii. Peggy toured Endicott College’s campus last year and describes it as incredibly beautiful and vibrant. [Fall 2019]
Linda White Price and her husband, Charlie, celebrate 58 years of marriage this year. They divide their time between Virginia and The Villages, Fla., and both play a lot of golf and have a close circle of friends at both homes. [Fall 2019]
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Patricia Barmore DiMartile was thrilled to return to campus this past August for an alumni event at Misselwood. Since jeans had been banned back when she was a student, it was the first time she was able to wear them on campus. [Fall 2019]

Priscilla Dreher-Kaplan would like to say hello to everyone at Tower Hall. She went on to the University of Kentucky School of Journalism and worked as a reporter and editor for small local NY newspapers, as well as in advertising. She retired to Tucson, Arizona. “No ocean views here!” she says. “Endicott campus looks lovely. Miss Endicott meals. Candee Seeley and Patricia Jorden, I hope you are well.” [Fall 2020]

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Amy Bahr Lucker still lives in Honduras. She extends an invitation to anyone who comes down to please give her a call. [Fall 2019]
Carolyn Witt has been married (second time) to Doug for 31 years. Her daughter turns 50 this year and her son is 30. She is “living the dream” with her husband and winters in Venice, Fla. [Fall 2019]
Diane Nuber lives in Fort Myers, Fla., and had hoped to see the Endicott float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. She ended up not making the parade because of her grandson’s fifth birthday. She has two lovely daughters and three beautiful grandchildren. [Fall 2019]
Donna Atwood Lamer shares, “My husband and I have a home in Arizona where we are right now. We came here in January not expecting to stay long, but of course the pandemic changed our plans! We miss Maine but are grateful to have a place here.” She and her husband are retired and enjoy their children and grandchildren when home in Maine. They have three sons, four grandsons, and one granddaughter. Before retiring, Donna was a social worker who worked with seniors and she loved her job. [Fall 2020]
Lisa Cammarano Bradeen shares, “I have been married and living in the Florida Keys for the past 42 years and still working as a wedding officiant. I keep in touch with a few girls still.” [Fall 2020]
Martha Kemp-Albert shares, “I’m heading up to our second home on Lake Champlain in upstate New York. We’re going to try to stay as long as the weather permits and close it up for the winter. Upon returning, I am hoping to go back to Hartford Hospital to work in the volunteer office (as a volunteer). I won’t have patient contact so hopefully I won’t be putting myself in jeopardy. I know you’ll all agree we are anxious for this coronavirus to be eliminated and return to a new normal.” [Fall 2020]
Rhonda Russell LaMica has retired. [Fall 2020]
Barbara Urbanek Occhipinti relocated from Deep River, Conn., to outside of Myrtle Beach, S.C., this past fall. [Spring 2020]
Candace Copp Fredette is grateful to have been able to travel with the Endicott alumni group the past two years and make some terrific new friends. Her granddaughter, Maggie, has been accepted to Endicott as part of the incoming freshman class. Her granddaughter joins a legacy of proud Gulls alongside her aunt Michele Musiello Fredette 99, and cousin Sarah Gleason ’12. She also recently took a fun and informative Zoom flower arranging class through the Endicott alumni group. [Spring 2020]
Debbie Magnotta started out in retailing with Mercantile Stores, and then she went on to work as VP at one of the larger New York City ad agencies. She retired after a corporate merger and now enjoys her time traveling, enjoying the arts in the city, and caring for her mom. [Spring 2020]
Jane McLaughlin traveled to Cuba during the tiny window when travel was possible last winter. Her daughter lives and works in New York City and “I worry about her, while she worries about her old mom in Houston!” She still continues to practice law in Houston. [Spring 2020]
Kathi Schorer Keating would like to share, with a heavy heart, news of the passing of her dearest friend, Cindy Lepore Ardigliano, who succumbed to cancer on March 10, 2017. [Spring 2020]
Martha Kemp-Albert continues to volunteer at Hartford Hospital and enjoys her Friday morning knitting group in West Hartford, Conn., and recently finished her seventh Irish Fisherman sweater. She is excited to visit her summer home on Lake Champlain in upstate New York. [Spring 2020]
Terry McCue has reconnected with classmate Debbie Magnotta after discovering that her mother-in-law was friends with Debbie and her mom. They never connected the dots until Debbie mentioned that she graduated from Endicott and Terry’s mother-in-law responded that she did also. One thing led to another and they connected after 50 years! [Spring 2020]


The Class of 1969 celebrated their 50th Reunion June 7–9, 2019. Many classmates returned for a weekend of reminiscing thanks to the help of the committee members: Paula Chandoha, Melissa Hempstead, Barbara Burgess-Maier, and Dorthea Chiungos Xanthakis. [Fall 2019]
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Carol Apuzzo Long and her husband Joe will be celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary in November 2020. Carol was in Bullock Hall. [Fall 2020]

Kathleen (Hildreth) Barnes retired in June from Endicott after 27 years there following 19 years as a pediatric physical therapist. She says, “Gene and I are enjoying sailing in the Gulf of Maine and taking care of our two granddaughters. We are dividing our time between Prides Crossing, Mass. and Blue Hill, ME.” [Fall 2020]

Susan DiMartino Dowling is honored to be the new President of the Endicott Alumni Council. She joined the Endicott Board of Trustees in 2020 [Fall 2020]

Susan Dowling is honored to be the new President of the Endicott Alumni Council. She joined the Endicott Board of Trustees in 2020. [Fall 2020]

Tina Spence is still working, now in the medical field, but is looking forward to next year when she plans on retiring to Cape Cod. She is interested in hearing from classmates who lived in Bullock Hall from the Classes of ‘71 and ‘72 as she would like to put together a Bullock Hall mini reunion (either virtual or in-person with social distancing). [Fall 2020]
Madeline (Bambi) Azarian has returned to Key West, Fla., after years of wanting to move back, and bought a house two months prior to Hurricane Irma. [Fall 2019]
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Karen Coratelli-Smith is enjoying retirement by giving back through energy healing therapy.  She is working as a Tutor of Healer Development classes for UK's NFSH The Healing Trust and as an instructor for ThetaHealing, doing classes live and on Zoom.  She says, “Would love to have you experience this amazing work!” Contact Karen at 239-692-9120 or email [Fall 2020]

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Kathleen George Renner has enjoyed a lifetime career in retail, owning and operating an antique and gift store that included outside sales in estate liquidations. After retiring, a friend called her to manage an upscale women's boutique. She married Charles Renner, Jr. in 1987 and has two grown children. Her son, Charles III, is a general surgeon resident and was married in 2018. He and his wife Kaitlyn both practice at Mt. Carmel hospital in Columbus, Ohio. They have a beautiful baby girl born on May 8, 2020. (She and her husband are very excited about being grandparents for the first time!) Her daughter, Elizabeth, is a surgical nurse at The James hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She says: "We are all trying to stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. My very best to all of my Endicott friends. God Bless and stay strong!" [Spring 2020] 

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Heidi Bahr Fleming hosted a small alumni luncheon at her home in Wolfeboro, N.H., this past August. [Fall 2019]
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Fran Aceto recently celebrated her 10th year as an educational technician in special education at Lewiston Middle School (LMS) in Maine. Fran is the field hockey coach at LMS and is also the assistant basketball coach at Lewiston High School. She has been an active member of the Endicott College Alumni Council as the historian for over 10 years. [Fall 2019]
Trisha (Robbins) Clinch A.S.’92 B.S.’94 started a nonprofit organization in 2018 called Clawdia’s Cans, which donates handcrafted items made from upcycled cat food cans to animal shelters for fundraising purposes. She also launched an Etsy shop this year, called Cat Can Creations, where she sells her handmade items online. In addition to her charity work and online business, she enjoys her career as a full-time professional pet sitter on Massachusetts’ Cape Ann. [Fall 2019]
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Alisa de Gaspe Beaubien received Endicott’s Outstanding Alumni Award on Friday, June 7 as she celebrated her 25th Reunion. [Fall 2019]
Alisa Kriekis de Gaspe Beaubien successfully wrapped up her five-year term as President of the Endicott College Alumni Association and Board of Trustees member. [Spring 2020]
Jennifer Vincent's career led her into hospitality marketing with Vermont Independent Hotels, Trapp Family Lodge, and currently the Woodstock Inn & Resort. In the spring of 2019, she received her CHDM (Certified Hotel Digital Marketer) HSMAI certification. She also found a true devotion to asana yoga and will be a certified Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) at the end of June 2020. [Spring 2020]
Linda Christensen and her husband, Paul Bassett, eloped to Jackson Falls, NH on September 24, 2018. During the same year, Linda was promoted to a new role of Compliance and Project Manager, Operations at Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, Mass. [Spring 2020]
Jennifer Vincent's career led her into hospitality marketing with Vermont Independent Hotels, Trapp Family Lodge, and currently the Woodstock Inn & Resort. In the spring of 2019, she received her CHDM (Certified Hotel Digital Marketer) HSMAI certification. She also found a connection with Ashtanga Yoga and will be a certified Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) at the end of June 2020. [Spring 2020]
Linda Christensen and her husband eloped at Jackson Falls, N.H., on September 24, 2018. During the same year, Linda was promoted to a new role of compliance and project manager, operations at Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, Mass. She enjoys biking and hiking on trails in and around Boston. [Spring 2020]
Pamela Holley is a pre-kindergarten special education teacher in Mansfield, Conn. She lives on a small homestead in Lebanon, Conn., and is married with two children, ages 14 and 9. [Spring 2020]
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Belinda Baardsen was accepted to law school, then became a teacher at King Saud University and helped guide young women into becoming lawyers. She wants to say “go forth and slay, slay, slay...” because you can. [Fall 2019]
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Tim Betty has accepted a position as the Principal at Whittier Middle School in Haverhill, Mass. [Fall 2020]
Cindy Grove recently had a book published by ALA Editions titled Libraries and the Substance Abuse Crisis: Supporting Your Community. She graduated from Endicott with a B.S. in Psychology and went on to get a master’s degree in library and information science. She would like to thank Endicott for the education that made all of this possible. [Spring 2020]
Kevin Jasmin started a new position in August and is now the Vice President of Brand Marketing & Strategy for Prudential Financial in New York City. [Fall 2020]
John O’Connor has announced that he will be running as an at-large candidate for the Dover City Council. O’Connor and his wife, Linda, have lived in Dover, Mass., for almost 28 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in human resources. [Fall 2019]
Jenny Brewer Galacar is a freelance writer and maintains her own sustainable lifestyle blog. You can follow her adventures on Instagram at @JennyRadish. [Fall 2020]
Andrew West and Alisa Vargas ’03 had their daughter, Lydia, in 2016.  More recently, Andrew has been named Head Coach of the Ridge High School football program. [Fall 2020]
Marc and Jen Abramovitz-Zirolli '06 celebrated being married for nine years in August. In March, Marc traveled to TD Garden in Boston to see his childhood sports team, the Carolina Hurricanes franchise (formerly the Hartford Whalers), play Boston, wearing for the first time in over 20 years the green Whalers uniforms. It was nostalgic and an emotional rollercoaster for Marc, who hopes that one day the Whalers will return to Hartford to renew the storied New England rivalry with the Bruins. [Fall 2020]
Thomas LaLonde teaches special needs scholars for the largest private network of charter schools in Texas, and thanks Endicott for his education. [Fall 2020]
Jami and Casey Murphy welcomed their first daughter Hattie Murphy on October 11, 2019. [Spring 2020]
Conrad New York Downtown has announced the appointment of Jaun Gonzalez Izquierdo as its new hotel manager. In his position, Gonzalez Izquierdo leads hotel operations, focusing on enhancing the 463 all-suite property’s luxury standards of hospitality, and further elevating the international guest experience. [Fall 2019]
Matt Pitney and Ben MacEwen '18 were sworn in as members of the Waltham Fire Department. They were both hired at the end of 2019 and completed the Massachusetts Fire Academy earlier this year. [Spring 2020]
Melanie Scamman is an interior designer. Laura Zoulamis '88 is her former mentor and business partner. Laura graduated from Endicott in 1988 when it was still a two-year school. A few years ago they decided to leave the firm they were both working at and go out on their own. They have been in business (Bowerbird Design Collective) for three-and-a-half years and have been lucky enough to be featured in a few Maine-based design magazines, Decor Maine and Maine Home and Design. [Spring 2020]
Morgan Tranquist Cooper moved to Richmond, Va., and began a new career as a licensed insurance agent with American Income Life. She was recently promoted to Supervising Agent to head up training and recruiting for the agency. In October, Morgan and her husband, Jeff, celebrated their marriage with family and friends at Stony Creek Brewery in Branford, Conn. They've recently welcomed a new member into their family, an English Cream Golden Retriever named Alani. [Spring 2020]
Natalie Bogart was named by Progressive Railroading magazine as a "Rising Star" for 2020 (someone under the age of 40 who has made, or is making, a positive impact on his or her company, organization, department or team, and is viewed by others—peers, colleagues, supervisors, clients, or associates—as an up-and-coming leader in the rail industry). She is the Marketing Director at the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority and promotes the Amtrak Downeaster passenger rail service that operates five round-trips daily between Brunswick, Maine and Boston, Mass. She develops the strategic marketing direction, defines campaign strategies, manages social media accounts, builds customer relationships, and creates promotional communications, and also manages a small (but mighty) marketing team and sales outreach staff. [Spring 2020]
Brothers Nathan Girard and Nicholas Girard ’08 are opening a recreational marijuana retail store in Pittsfield, Mass. They are opening Bloom Brothers in Fall 2019, along with their third brother, Ben. [Fall 2019]
Philip Conrad will soon be leaving his position as principal of Andover High School to take charge of Bedford Public Schools. The Bedford School Committee voted unanimously to offer him the job and he accepted, the Bedford Citizen reported. Philip has led Andover High School since 2015. He has earned two master’s degrees, one in management from Lesley College in Cambridge, Mass., and one in educational leadership from Endicott. [Spring 2020]
Russ Friedland M’06 was named Associate Head Coach of Missouri State volleyball. Originally from Mansfield, Conn., Russ earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Endicott, where he lettered all four years in men’s volleyball. [Spring 2020]
Brian Goldmeier was recently announced as the one of three co-chairs of the United Way Tocqueville Society, an influential group of 800 business and community leaders who embody the best of Miami-Dade, contributing at the highest levels and engaging in philanthropy and volunteerism year-round. [Fall 2020]
Christina (LaRosa) Jarboe and her husband, James, welcomed their third child, Ava Rose Jarboe, on May 20, 2019. She joins older brother Jacob Henrik, who is four years old, and older sister Madelyn Grace, who is seven years old. [Spring 2020]
Rachel Keeler is living in Austin, Texas where she is the Head of Collection Management for the Lake Travis Community Library. [Spring 2020]
Rachel Keeler has been appointed as Director of Tye Preston Memorial Library in Canyon Lake, Texas, and was also selected by the Texas Library Association as a TALL Texan 2020. [Fall 2020]
Alaina Bliss Posluszny welcomed a son, Lincoln, on November 26, 2019. In February 2020, she moved into the Assistant Manager role at the call center of Encore Boston Harbor. [Spring 2020]
Alaina (Bliss) Posluszny was promoted to assistant chef concierge at Encore Boston Harbor. She is also expecting her second child, who will join two-year-old Eleanor in November. [Fall 2019]
Andrea Laflamme and Jordan Laflamme welcomed their second daughter, Scarlett Mae Laflamme, on January 6, 2019. She joins older sister Aubrey June who is four years old. [Fall 2019]
Ashley (Wills) Cadrin and her husband, Jeremy, welcomed their son, Thomas James Cadrin, on December 9, 2018 at Beth Israel Deaconess in Plymouth, Mass. [Fall 2019]
Courtney Krajeski is currently living in Middleborough, Mass., working for Old Colony Elder Services as their volunteer coordinator. There, she gets to spend her time working with community partners, such as The Council on Aging and Habitat for Humanity, to identify volunteer opportunities and then recruit volunteers to fill those needs. [Fall 2019]
Courtney Patrick completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training certification, and is now a RYT 200 instructor teaching virtually, and excited to teach locally when able! [Spring 2020]
Courtney Walsh Patterson and her husband Jeremy welcomed their daughter, Claire Elizabeth Patterson, on January 30, 2020. [Spring 2020]
Erin Neuhardt opened her business, E Studio Events, in January 2018. There she acts as the event strategist serving organizations on a mission. She helps non-profit, entrepreneurial, and business clients to plan and implement their event strategies. [Fall 2019]
Lisa (Fazzino) Emanuele and her husband, Claudio, announced the birth of their daughter, Eliana Marie, on June 8, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Sarah (Voigt) Brown welcomed her second child, Ella Wesleigh Brown, on September 26, 2019. [Spring 2020]
Ted Ribaudo was married on August 24 in Grafton, Vt. He also spent an afternoon with fellow Gulls Matt George, Zack Ellis, Mike Suplicki, Mark Metcalf, and Matt Modoono during a cookout in early August. [Fall 2019]
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Alena Krystofolski Jewett just began her fourth year and earned professional status as a health teacher at Shawsheen Elementary in Wilmington, Mass., and is surviving virtual teaching this semester. [Fall 2020]
Kat Sargent Read currently resides in Jersey, U.K., with her husband Dan and daughters Vivienne and Eliza. She started her small business Rocque Paper Scissors while taking care of her two girls, as she needed a creative outlet for the creativity that she missed from teaching and wanted to create something that gave back to the world (10% of the retail price from every sale goes to animal conservation). It has been up and running for almost a year, and recently the emphasis of the business is moving in a more sustainable direction by focusing on personalized paper cuts and handmade paper, all made from post-consumer paper and card in her studio. [Fall 2020]

Todd Strong attended Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI to become a Naval Officer after graduation. A career Surface Warfare Officer, he was recently selected to be Commanding Officer of USS SQUALL (PC 7) in Manama, Bahrain, sailing primarily in the Arabian Gulf. He will promote to the rank of Lieutenant Commander on November 1, 2020. "Go Navy!" [Fall 2020]

Alana White Giddens welcomed twin girls, Delia and Fay, on April 17, 2020. She has also been promoted to Marketing and Design Specialist at R.H. White Companies. [Spring 2020]
Alena Krystofolski Jewett welcomed a baby boy, Leo Joseph, on March 6, 2020. [Spring 2020]
Brian Kelly and wife, Christine, welcomed a baby girl, Madelyn Christine Kelly, on May 24, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Catherine She Hoffer welcomed baby Micah T on April 21, 2020. She also celebrated one year of American citizenship on April 17, 2020. [Spring 2020]
Elijah Gould has recently come back to the Endicott campus as an adjunct lecturer, teaching Intro to Web Design. [Spring 2020]
Jacqueline Lachance started a new job this past spring at Cx3 Ads, an email marketing company, in Sarasota, Fla. She heads her own department as the senior compliance executive. [Fall 2019]
Kelly Dillon and John Bedard would like to announce the birth of their son, Beau Antonio, on October 20, 2019. Kelly is the owner of Kelly Dillon Photography, which is still going strong. [Spring 2020]
Marissa Nicholson Belanger welcomed a baby girl, Madeleine Reagan, on December 10, 2019. [Spring 2020]
Samantha Tyler Bellows is celebrating her fifth year of business as co-owner of Coco's Coffee LLC in East Kingston, N.H. [Spring 2020]
Adrien and Danielle D’Aveni Peacock welcomed their second daughter, Bianca Francesca, on September 4, 2020. Their first daughter, Giavanna Delfina, is about to be three and a half years old. [Fall 2020]
Brendan Doyle was promoted to Inventory Manager at Craft Collective in February 2020. [Spring 2020]
Brendan Doyle was recently promoted to Inventory & Brand Manager at Craft Collective. He and his wife are expecting their second child in March 2021. [Fall 2020]
Caeli Byrne Vilandre and her husband, Chris, started a business, Bespoke Boards, earlier this year. The business is located in Winthrop, Mass., and offers gourmet, artfully crafted charcuterie boards. [Fall 2020]
Erika Karwowski Hanusch has made a career change; she is now in an instructional coaching role for New Britain Public Schools working with grades K-5. Also, she will be graduating with a 6th Year from the University of Connecticut in Educational Leadership in May 2021. [Fall 2020]
Jeff Scola is now the area director for Lacework, a new computer software startup out of Boston, after 10 years with EMC. Jeff has also taken on the Vice President role within the Endicott College Alumni Council. He is still living in the North End with his wife of two years, Katie. [Fall 2020]
Katie Leighton Gauger was promoted to Director, Consulting, Events & Experiences at Fenway Sports Management. She and her husband welcomed their first baby, Magnolia Ann Gauger, on January 14, 2020. [Fall 2020]
Molly (Moss) Stokes and her husband Ryan welcomed their first child, Piper Sellew Stokes, in February 2020. [Spring 2020]
For the last nine years, Andrew Story has been working in numerous roles at Comcast Cable, recently landing himself in a new promotional position which began April 20, 2020, as Senior Analyst, Business Support and Analytics. [Spring 2020]
Casey Pierce Burkinshaw and her husband welcomed their first child, Pierce James (PJ) Burkinshaw, on March 17, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Dottie Turcotte and Meghan Hope reunited with their children in Wilmington, N.C., at The Children's Museum. Dottie has two sons, Cole (one year old) and Brock (five years old), while Meghan's daughter, Isla, is about to turn one year old. [Fall 2019]
Sheena Hatch Vranas married her husband, Adam Vranas on April 18, 2020. Their wedding plans had to change due to COVID-19, however, they enjoyed an intimate wedding in Lenox, Mass. A celebration with friends and family is set for August 2020. [Spring 2020]
Caeli Byrne was married in the fall to a man she met during her post-college internship with the Patriots. Her aunt Suzanne Pillsworth Becker '89, owns a florist company in New York and did all of the flowers for the wedding. Caeli took her first trip to Endicott at six months old to watch her aunt graduate! [Spring 2020]
Casey Hoole was married on October 4, 2019 at Endicott. [Fall 2019]
Courtney (Barlette) LaBounty has two children, born December 23, 2016 and June 16, 2019. She works for her parents’ general contracting company and celebrated her five-year wedding anniversary in September. [Fall 2019]
Danielle Saintard Valiente married her husband, JP, on June 1 in Wilmington, N.C., where she has lived since graduating from Endicott. She says her wedding day was perfect, with two Endicott bridesmaids and many Endicott friends by her side. Her husband was unintentionally wearing Endicott colors, along with their dog, Cruz, and his green bowtie. [Fall 2019]
Garett Seney is a Mortgage Advisor in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. He was married last year and is currently living in South Boston. [Fall 2019]
Geeta Sandberg gave birth to Fable Thomas Alexander Sandberg on November 14, 2019. [Spring 2020]
Jessica (Zoino) Flowers married David Flowers on July 14, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Kaylin Burke took a new job in May as a trauma, extremities, and recon sales representative with Stryker. During the weeks between jobs, she traveled to Florida’s west coast, the Kentucky Derby, and Colombia—Bogota and Cartagena. [Fall 2019]
Kerry Taylor MacDonald received the Eleanor Tupper Award at Endicott College on June 7, 2019 for her contributions to the alumni population and the greater Beverly community. [Fall 2019]
Kristen Bernard started a new career at Fidelity Investments in Boston as a director of digital planning experience. She married Max Linsky in September 2019. [Fall 2019]
Kristin Koska Vacca and Michael Vacca recently moved from Texas back to Kristin’s hometown in California with their 9-year-old daughter, Avianna. Michael recently got a new position as a finance attorney at Latham and Watkins, LLP, in San Francisco. [Spring 2020]
Megan McBride married Robert Hassan on June 29, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Michael DiBella, a member of the New York Army Reserves, was activated in 2020 in order to aid humanitarian relief efforts for the COVID-19 pandemic. Captain DiBella was called to service to help support the Department of Defense’s emergency response initiatives in the creation of sites, movement of supplies, and maintenance of critical staff. These teams continue to work to support key medical personnel in New York’s fight against the coronavirus by treating victims and enabling the country to speed the time to a cure. [Spring 2020]
Rob Werkowski is working for KERN as an account executive that handles the AT&T email and marketing account. He is living in Santa Monica, Calif. [Fall 2019]
Channel Marker Brewing in Beverly, Mass., was recognized by USA Today as 9th Best New Brewery for 2020 in the country. Channel Marker is co-owned by Jake Crandell and Justin Negrotti '09. [Fall 2020]
Danielle D’Aveni Peacock and Adrien Peacock are expecting their second child in September 2020. [Spring 2020]
Francesca Cacace is engaged to Jason Lawrence. Their son, Luca, was born on September 11, 2017. They are getting married next September in Capri, Italy. She owns a clothing retail business for children in Bermuda called BLUKiDS Bermuda. She is also the director and event manager for KATKiDS, which is a charity that raises money for children in Nepal, Africa, and Bermuda. [Fall 2019]
Jeanna Barbieri started Pictures for Patients at her hospital, Lowell General, in Lowell, Mass. Jeanna got the idea to print out family photos for patients when a friend couldn't visit his father, who was seriously ill from coronavirus. [Spring 2020]
Jenna Cosgrove, who is the Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Rhode Island College, was named “Coach of the Year” in the Little East Conference this year. Ironically, her team is set to play Endicott for their opening game in November 2020! [Spring 2020]
Joanna Norko got engaged to Brian McLaughlin in October 2018 and is planning a summer 2020 wedding. [Fall 2019]
Kaitlyn Walker married Tyler Purskey on July 21, 2018. They have since purchased a home together in North Haven, Conn., and Kaitlyn has been a fourth grade teacher in Manchester, Conn. for the past three years. [Fall 2019]
Katy Hasek married Mark Airoldi in May 2019. [Fall 2019]
Lauren Maiola married Trevor Maynard in June 2018 in Stafford, N.H. [Fall 2019]
Lindsay McCarthy recently joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass & Metrowest. [Fall 2019]
Marlee Greer received her master’s degree in homeland security from Endicott and now works as an investigator for the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office. Picture provided of her, Nicole Potito, and Kim Hanley at her sister's wedding last year. [Fall 2019]
Melissa Destefano Sullivan and Sean Sullivan welcomed their second son, Conor, on January 28, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Melissa Thaler married Jesse Restivo in June 2019 in Topsfield, Mass. [Fall 2019]
Shawn Murphy enjoys life with his wife and three beautiful children. [Spring 2020]
Devon Holloway recently released multiple capsule collections with his brand, HOPE Designs. HOPE focuses on community advocacy through graphic design, and has garnered a loyal following coast to coast. [Fall 2020]
Holly Nichols, an Endicott studio art graduate, is set to publish Modern Fashion Illustration with Simon & Schuster/Centennial Media, anticipated Spring 2021. [Fall 2020]
Ralph Fidaleo released his first single, “I Was Him & He Was Me” under his musical name, Ralph Curtis. [Fall 2020]
Jay Hanley sees untapped potential in the Bristol Community College women’s basketball program. Hanley, the Bayhawks’ former men’s assistant, was hired as the head women’s coach at the school. He has spent the last six years working as a physical education teacher in the Boston Public Schools. [Fall 2019]
Ari Cohn finished her master’s in social work and graduated from the University of Denver this past June. [Fall 2020]
Becky Lerhman married her fiance, John, in a beautiful and intimate ceremony in Maine. [Fall 2020]
Catherine Keywan, an interior designer at Bergmeyer in Boston, was named one of VMSD’s 2020 Designer Dozen. This list recognizes retail industry’s rising stars 35 years old and younger. [Fall 2020]
Colby Dobrusin is expecting a baby with his wife, Bridget. [Fall 2020]
Mike Herman bought a house in Pittsfield, Mass., this summer. [Fall 2020]
Sendy Vaughn Suazo M'16 D'20 recently participated in a conference that covered social and racial terrorism against the Garifuna people. She provided a historical and educational perspective on the intersection between the U.S. and Honduras, specifically regarding southern black people in the U.S. who migrated to Central America, seeking freedom from restrictive Jim Crow laws between 1877–1964. Sendy has conducted extensive research on the topic and it will be the focus of her dissertation. [Fall 2020]
Trish Kearney got engaged down on the Cape this past September and has since relocated to Pennsylvania. [Fall 2020]
Amanda Lerner married Eric Trant this past summer. The pair honeymooned in Greece following the wedding. [Fall 2019]
Chrissy Gerrish married Jake Heger in South Carolina over the Fourth of July Weekend surrounded by family and many Endicott friends. [Fall 2019]
Alex Dodds won The Knot Best of Weddings 2020 and WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award 2020 for his wedding videography business, Something Blue Creative. He also became a father to a golden retriever puppy. [Fall 2020]

Cameron Sprague married Brandyn Peters on October 11, 2019 in Saratoga Springs, New York. They also recently purchased their first home in Connecticut. [Fall 2020]

Cori Therien married her fiancé, Sam, in a backyard wedding. [Fall 2020]
Courtney Carlson is an interior designer at Wayfair and was recently promoted to the Design Team Lead for Office. [Fall 2020]
Kaitlyn Burdick and her boyfriend, Adam, bought a house in Saco, Maine over the summer. [Fall 2020]
Katie Donnelly M’16 released new, original music under the name Kate the Dreamer. She also hosted a virtual concert for Endicott alumni and performed some of her favorite original pieces acoustically. [Fall 2020]
Alex Dodds won a few awards for his videography—The Knot Best of Weddings 2019 and WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award 2019. [Fall 2019]
Allison Lessard worked as an EMT for the past five years alongside full-time work as a case manager for the past year in mental health and elder services. She was accepted into the University of Massachusetts Amherst for the accelerated nursing program. She now rows with Boston Gay Rowers out of Community Rowing in Boston. The group went to Paris last fall and brought home silver and bronze medals. [Fall 2019]
Amy Bergeron is the 2019 American Heart Association Go Red for Women spokeswoman. [Fall 2019]
Anthony Fallon is the new Canton High School Football Coach. Fallon, a 1988 Canton grad, served as the Bulldogs’ offensive coordinator last season as Canton (10-1) advanced to the Division 5 South final for the second straight season. Anthony played on the 1987 team that advanced to an EMass Super Bowl despite playing every game on the road as Memorial Field was being renovated. He continued his football career at what was then known as Bridgewater State College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education. He added a master’s degree in education from Endicott and has been a teacher for the past 24 years. [Spring 2020]
Anthony Fulmine is teaching at Pembroke High School and graduated with a master’s degree from Endicott in May 2019. [Fall 2019]
Bentley Miller got engaged to Mike Droy, and they live together in Vermont. They are planning a destination wedding for 2021. She works at Office Environments as the client services rep and sales coordinator. [Fall 2019]
Brieanne Schneider married Tim Pouch on September 7, 2019. They are also currently buying a house and raising their adorable German shepherd puppy. [Fall 2019]
Caroline DeBruyckere started her own business, Mustard and Fig, and was featured on her first wedding blog. She started a new position and runs a wedding venue called The Greenhouse at Bittersweet. [Fall 2019]
Donna Clifford has an extensive background in holistic healing and works as an endoscopy nurse at Salem Hospital. She has taken her work in macrobiotics and energy medicine to a social media platform, founding [Fall 2019]
Ghaith Hamza completed a biotechnology master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, works as a scientist for AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, and is enrolled in an industrial Ph.D. in biochemistry through the University of New Hampshire. [Fall 2019]
Hannah Kuhn is engaged to Oliver James Johnson. She also recently had her first film debut in the Film Score Fest in Minnesota. [Fall 2019]
Jessica Fusco married Don Stalling on April 27, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Kelsi Brown recently received her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has entered her fifth year teaching children with autism and other developmental disabilities. She is certified in both Massachusetts and New York. [Fall 2019]
Lauren Melkus launched her own company, The Denim Blonde, which is a clothing line of custom apparel. [Fall 2019]
Lorena Sifontes works at Urraca Private Island in Bocas del Toro, Panama, which is both an eco-lodge and a primate sanctuary for rescued monkeys. They recently started a mangrove reforestation program on the island and plan to expand it to neighboring indigenous communities. [Fall 2019]
Mackenzie Hurst lives in Portsmouth, N.H., with her fiancé, Scott. They are thrilled to announce that they are getting married in September 2020. She is also running her own personal training business, Elevate Fitness. [Fall 2019]
Pamela Woods earned her master’s degree in biomedical sciences from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). She is working as a research specialist at MUSC. [Fall 2019]
Patrick Cullen has worked for the Beverly Fire Department since this past December and graduated from the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy on August 9, 2019. [Fall 2019]
Paul Nichols earned his master's degree in special education: moderate disabilities from Lesley University. He started his second year teaching for the Waltham Public School District as a kindergarten special education teacher. He absolutely loves his dream job in a dream school district. [Fall 2019]
Sean Hennigan completed a research fellowship at the National Cancer Institute in the Washington, D.C., area. During that time, he designed a blood assay to detect cancer in its early stages with the potential to give insight into real-time response to treatment—the assay's design will soon be published. In the fall of 2018, he did a charity ride across Australia, from Perth to Sydney, raising funds for the nonprofit, RIP Medical Debt. In March, he joined Howard Hughes Medical Institute, where he works on developing molecular tools. [Fall 2019]
Thomas DeSimone married his wife, Stephanie, and started a new job as an assistant athletic trainer at the University of Wyoming. [Fall 2019]

Ayla Graney moved back to Ireland in 2019 to earn a Master’s in Visual Communication from TU Dublin. After graduating next month, she will stay in Ireland to live with her partner and to continue working as a freelance designer and photographer. [Fall 2020]

After graduation, Conor Hopewell was commissioned in the U.S. Navy with an aviation contract. He was then sent to Pensacola, Fla. for API, then reported to his first squadron VT-27 at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas for Primary Flight training in the T-6 Texan II. Upon finishing the training syllabus there, he was selected to go to Advanced Rotary Training with HT-18 in Milton, Fla. Conor recently earned his Naval Aviator wings of gold. [Fall 2020]
Heyley Leonbruno recently accepted a new job at Conference Technology Enhancements as a Meeting Planner. [Fall 2020]
Jorge Bernal recently started a new job at Edelman in Mexico City as an Account Executive. [Fall 2020]
Lexi Godlewski hosted a virtual alumni event called Entrepreneurship and the Art of Storytelling. Lexi works as a life coach and hosts a podcast called Building My Empire. [Fall 2020]
Samantha Garrity has been the office coordinator and a professional tutor at the Center for Writing at the College of the Holy Cross since October 2018. [Fall 2019]
Sarah Galison graduated from Boston College with her master’s degree in social work and her husband, Patrick McDonagh, graduated from the Van Loan School with his Master of Business Administration. Two weeks later, they (and their daughter, Saffy) welcomed their new baby, Soren Blue, on June 3. [Fall 2019]
Rachel Johnson and Hunter Slade ’15 M’16 met at Endicott during Rachel’s freshman year in 2013, and recently got engaged. They look forward to revisiting Endicott as they tie the knot on June 19, 2021 at Misselwood. [Fall 2020]
Alura Carbrey will be marrying Richard Ollio, who is currently working toward his master’s degree through Van Loan, in June 2020. [Fall 2019]
Christina Chow is a fourth grade teacher in Connecticut. Toward the end of her first year teaching, she received the district award for Rookie of the Year. She says: “When the Board of Education asked me where I attended college, I proudly told them I went to Endicott.” [Fall 2019]
Bianca Robinson M’18 was the Fire Starter Storyteller at the Amplify Latinx Conference that took place in July. The conference and Bianca’s speech were focused on heightening awareness of the LGBTQ+ and Latinx communities. [Fall 2020]
Ellie Gamache started her own business, Ellis Development Consultants, this past summer. She assists small businesses with various aspects of their business such as sponsorship, sales, and social media. [Fall 2020]
Jacob Roy has been sworn in as a Saugus Police Officer. Roy served in the U.S. Navy from 2011–15. [Fall 2020]
Rasheed Adigun is now working as a Sales Associate and Events Coordinator at the Watches of Switzerland’s boutique in the Encore Boston Harbor. He participates in in-store events for clients and Encore visitors. [Fall 2020]
Ross Olsson is entering his second full season with the Worcester Railers Hockey Club (ECHL affiliate of the New York Islanders), and re-signed as a forward for the 2020–21 season. [Fall 2020]
Joude Sahloul joined SV Design as architectural designer in its North Shore office’s residential department. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Endicott; her knowledge in lighting design and technical details comes from her background in residential and commercial design. Joude is a native of the North Shore, fluent in Arabic, and an avid traveler. She finds design inspiration from her travel destinations and her Middle Eastern background. When she’s not drafting, Joude likes to spend time with her family and friends. [Spring 2020]
Kelsey O’Keefe was hired as an event sales manager at Beauport Princess Cruiselines. [Fall 2019]
Madison Odryna was hired by Curriculum Associates as an events & communications coordinator. [Fall 2019]
Sinead Carthy was offered a full-time position at Virtual, Inc., where she interned. She was hired as a marketing and public relations coordinator. [Fall 2019]
Rob Ackerman is currently working on his master’s degree in moderate disabilities for professional licensure. He is also working at Callahan's Karate in Bedford, Mass., teaching martial arts while occasionally seeking photography opportunities to capture nature’s beauty. [Fall 2020]
Tacy Cresson has joined the office of Senator Chris Coons D-Delaware as a digital media manager. [Fall 2020]
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