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What to Expect:

You can expect absolute confidentiality, prompt response to phone or email inquiries about the VITAL program, and a veteran-centered approach, keeping your well-being and best interests in mind.

The VITAL program provides a veteran peer/VA representative who is available to all veteran and active-duty military students. Your veteran peer/VA representative knows exactly what it is like to transition from active military service to civilian life.

They can walk you through processing enrollment into the VA healthcare system, GI Benefits, Vocational Rehab Benefits, developing a variety of skills and readjustment tactics, or just be a listening ear for the many challenges of returning to civilian life.

We’re here to help you navigate your needs and concerns and maximize your unique set of strengths, skills, and life experiences as you develop your interests and talents into an academic setting.

Types of Assistance:

Contact VITAL’s veteran peer/VA representative now for:

  • Your veteran peer/VA representative, who is your Point of Contact (POC) for any issues that are veteran related;

  • Access on campus to VA services and benefits;

  • Enrollment into Bedford VAMC;

  • Support in developing time management, organization, and study skills;

  • Connection to peer mentors;

  • Coordination with the College for academic accommodations;

  • Support with College processes regarding academic actions and/or conduct issues;

  • Connection to VA resources including the Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA) and Vocational Rehabilitation; and

  • Counseling and ongoing treatment for adjustment, stress, anger, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, and PTSD done by VITAL’s clinical team.

Program Supervisor:

Alisa Bennett, LICSW

Veteran Peer and VA Representative:

Jeff Da Silva