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  • Eligibility

    First-Year Admission: Incoming first-year students are invited by Admissions to apply after the May 1 enrollment deadline.  Applications are reviewed based on all aspects of the application for admission, including academic progress, curriculum, essay, letter(s) of recommendation, interview, co-curricular involvement, and experiences. 

    Sophomore Year Admission: At the end of the first semester, first year students who have earned a 3.8 G.P.A. or higher are invited to apply to the program for fall of the sophomore year.

  • Academic Requirements

    Foundation Seminar: First year students accepted to the Endicott Scholars program take HON100 Honors Seminar I, a foundation seminar that introduces them to a variety of theories used to interpret and analyze cultural texts. HON100 Honors Seminar I counts as the required first year writing course, ENG112 Critical Reading and Writing II. Students accepted after first year are not required to take HON100 Honors Seminar I.

    Upper Level Seminars: All Endicott Scholars take upper level seminars, referred to as HON350 Honors Seminars, taught by faculty from different majors and points of view. Recent themes covered in HON350 include: Lost and Found Photos, The Mind-Body Connection, Coming of Age in the United States, The History of Beauty, Writing with A.I., Travel, Food and Traditions, Women in Media, and Exploring the Economics of Everyday Life. All Students are required to complete three HON350 sections.

    Cumulative G.P.A.

    Endicott Scholars must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5. 

  • Seminars

    Endicott Scholars participate in small, academically challenging and engaging seminars led by Endicott's most dynamic professors. Students accepted to the program as freshmen take HON 100 Honors Seminar I in the fall or spring of freshman year; HON 100 replaces the required freshman course ENG 112 Critical Reading and Writing II. Students who are accepted to the Endicott Scholars program as sophomores are required take a one-semester foundation course, HON 200 Honors Seminar, in the fall of their sophomore year.

    All Endicott Scholars take HON 350 Honors Seminars during the sophomore and junior years. Seminar topics change each semester and can include: American Suburbia, Inside your Mind, Lost and Found Media, Philosophy and Pop Culture, Culture and History of Food, Youth and Violence, Reel Representations of the Artist, The Business of Life, and The Culture of Heroism. Scholars who entered the program as freshmen take three HON 350 courses, while those who entered the program as sophomores take two HON 350 Honors Seminars.

  • Scholarships

    Endicott Scholars receive an annual scholarship during their participation in the program and must maintain a 3.5 cumulative G.P.A. every semester.

  • Recognition of Graduating Seniors

    A celebration of graduating Endicott Scholars is held each spring at which seniors are recognized with the gift of an academic stole to wear at Commencement.

Allysa Olsen School of Education with her parents
Alyssa Olsen
"Being an Endicott Scholar has given me the confidence to vocalize my observations, to push myself towards my goals, and to find creative solutions to obstacles thrown in my path. I will keep these lessons with me long past graduation."