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Internships and Careers

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What Can the Endicott College Internship, Co-op, & Career Model Do For You?
Every Endicott student must complete three internships before graduating. With a well-rounded resume, a degree, and professional preparation throughout their undergraduate days, our students are career ready from the get-go.

Internship Program

Your career journey begins on day one.

You will take an internship class your first semester focused on career preparation, professional skill building, and industry research. You will also have a chance to complete an internship your freshman year to gain experience and insight into working in your field.

student and professor working on a research project

Internships and Careers at a Glance

Data based on a recent survey of 2019 graduates

100% Endicott students are required to do three internships and a senior thesis
98% Students from the Class of 2019 who are employed, in continuing education, volunteering, and/or serving in the military.
90% Students who graduated in 2019 found employment related to their major.

Services and Resources

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Career Advising

As you begin shaping your career plan, we are here to help you assess your values, interests, and skills to make informed decisions about your future.


Students and alumni have exclusive access to thousands of jobs and internships through our premier job search tool, Handshake.

The Nest Mentoring Community

Get ahead by getting a mentor! Our alumni mentors impart professional knowledge and guidance for students embarking on careers.

Account student interacting with a recruiter at Meet the Firms
Five Networking Tips from Endicott Students
Meet the Firms is one of many networking and recruiting events organized by the Internship & Career Center. Students with the right approach and preparation will more often than not land their ideal co-op/internship or even a full-time position.
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Noime Alves '19 seated in a conference room
Endicott College Boston

Success at Endicott Boston & Beyond

Noime Alves '19 seated in a conference room
Noime Alves '19
Criminal Justice
"I was born to go to school and be someone."
Noime Alves’ inspirational story has taken many turns throughout her life—from Cape Verde to Endicott College Boston and everywhere in between.
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Seth Braquet seated in the Ginger Judge Science Center
DePuy Synthes

Pushing past the comfort zone

Seth Braquet seated in the Ginger Judge Science Center
Seth Braquet '19
Business Management
"This is a place that is unlike any other place in the world. Take that chance. I know it might be scary to go live in a place and travel somewhere you’ve never been before but if you step outside your comfort zone and that bubble you’ve been living in you have the opportunity to meet so many great people."
New Orleans native, Seth Braquet, left his small town to come to a totally different environment to pursue his dreams—and he’s glad he did.
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Cory Gaskell sitting down on the steps of the Samuel C. Wax Academic Center
Holten Richmond Middle School

Finding one passion through following another

Cory Gaskell sitting down on the steps of the Samuel C. Wax Academic Center
Cory Gaskell '19
History, Secondary Education
"The people here represent the beauty of the campus because it’s all around a great place. "
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Connect with the Internship and Career Center

We are committed to fostering professional opportunities for our students – both past and present. If you are interested in partnering with Endicott for a job or internship opportunity or engaging in on-campus career programming, or if you're an alumna/us seeking resources offered at the center, please get in touch.

Internship and Career Events

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