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  • Program Overview

    Ph.D. in Nursing (45 credits)

    The Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program will help you develop your ability to conduct research and provide leadership through scientific inquiry. Gain confidence in your role as a nurse researcher and scholar while building a strong foundation in theory development, nursing research methods, and approaches to the development of new knowledge to enhance relationships among clients and colleagues.

    Optional nursing education credits available for those wishing to become nursing faculty and participate in the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP).

    Nurses with doctorate degrees are in high demand as our country’s population ages and increasingly complex global health nursing issues emerge. With our forward-thinking, patient-centered nursing education program, we prepare students to lead the way in nursing practice, research, and academia.

    • Flexible and 100% online courses
    • 3-year completion
    • No GRE required
    • Cohort model that promotes peer interaction and support
    • Individualized advising
    • Skilled mentoring for nursing doctoral dissertation writing

    Program Requirements

    Applicants to the doctorate degree in nursing program must have an active registered nurse license. They also must have a bachelor's and master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. To view additional program application requirements please see the “Curriculum” tab.

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    PhD nursing
  • Curriculum

    Curriculum Requirements with optional Education Courses - Total Credits Required: 51

    Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 45

    Required Curriculum

    Year I

    • NUR 701 - Philosophy of Science (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 710 - Approaches to Nursing Knowledge and Theory Development: Deductive Process (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 702 - Research Methods I: Qualitative (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 705 - Knowledge Development in Nursing Science (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 505 - Curriculum Design, Course Development, and Program Evaluation (Cr: 3)

    Year II

    • NUR 735 - Research Methods II: Quantitative (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 712 - Analysis and Evaluation of Theories of Nursing Practice, the Client -Nurse Relationship, and Client Phenomena (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 714 - Measurement in Practice-Based Research (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 752 - Research Methods III - Issues in Research (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 565 - Teaching Methods: Principles of Teaching (Cr: 3)

    Year III

    NUR XXX Elective/Cognate course - 3 cr. (Students will need elective approval from the Director of the Ph.D. in Nursing program)

    • NUR 716 - Research Methods II: Qualitative (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 720 - Advanced Statistical Methods (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 750 - Emerging Roles: Nurse Scientist, Scholar and Leader (Cr: 3)
    • NUR 755 - Doctoral Comprehensive Examination (Cr: 0)

    Year III-IV

    • NUR 760 - Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation Advisement and Doctoral Seminar (Cr: 12)
    • NUR 782 - Doctoral Dissertation and Review Paper Continuation (Cr: 0)

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the program, students will:

    • Incorporate mastery of knowledge from nursing and other disciplines to engage in activities that extend disciplinary knowledge as a scholar and researcher.
    • Combine logical, critical and scientific thinking with ethical integrity in the design, conduct, analysis, interpretation and dissemination of nursing research.
    • Integrate the philosophical foundations of knowledge into theory and research development that contributes to improving nursing care and practice.
    • Select theories and research relevant to the care of diverse, ethnic and cultural populations.
    • Collaborate and Communicate as a scholar within nursing and interdisciplinary community in the conduct and application of research.
    • Pursue lifelong learning and ongoing personal development through excellence in scholarly activities within and beyond the discipline.
    • Embraces the diversity of opportunities for career development, professional roles and disciplinary leadership as a nurse scientist, scholar, educator or mentor.

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"I chose this program in particular for its affordability, flexibility, and unique 'family' environment."
Cynthia Mitsakis Ph.D. '18, RN, CEN

Ph.D. in Nursing at a Glance

45 Credits
of theoretical groundwork courses for knowledge development
$49,680 Approximate Program Cost
when completed in eight consecutive semesters
7:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio
for a typical cohort of 6-8 students

Program Features

    • 45 credits to completion
    • Research-based coursework
    • Highly skilled faculty with current, real-world experience provide strong advising
    • 100% online courses     
    • Can be completed in three years, typically with two courses per semester
    • GREs not required; must provide documentation of license of a professional nurse
    • Cohort learning model has students move through the program as a group, fostering collaboration and improved learning
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