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Endicott Scholars is a highly selective program. Incoming freshmen are selected based on:

  • SAT or ACT scores (required)
  • Class rank
  • Honors coursework
  • AP credit

Second semester freshmen, who have a grade point average of 3.5 or above, will be invited to apply for admission.


Endicott Scholars receive scholarships beginning at $4,000 per year in addition to any other Endicott grants or scholarship stipends.

Note: TE/CIC or ROTC scholarship recipients are not eligible for Honors scholarship funds.


Endicott Scholars participate in small, academically challenging and engaging seminars led by Endicott's most dynamic professors. Students accepted to the program as freshmen take HON 100 Honors Seminar I in the fall or spring of freshman year; HON 100 replaces the required freshman course ENG 112 Critical Reading and Writing II. Students who are accepted to the Endicott Scholars program as sophomores are required take a one-semester foundation course, HON 200 Honors Seminar, in the fall of their sophomore year.

All Endicott Scholars take HON 350 Honors Seminars during the sophomore and junior years. Seminar topics change each semester and can include: American Suburbia, Inside your Mind, Lost and Found Media, Philosophy and Pop Culture, Culture and History of Food, Youth and Violence, Reel Representations of the Artist, The Business of Life, and The Culture of Heroism. Scholars who entered the program as freshmen take three HON 350 courses, while those who entered the program as sophomores take two HON 350 Honors Seminars.

Through participation in the Endicott Scholars honors seminars, and accompanying activities and events, Endicott Scholars create a community of academic leaders on the Endicott campus. HON 400 Senior Honors Seminar is taken in the spring of senior year. This one-credit course is the capstone of the Endicott Scholars program and culminates in the Senior Honors Ceremony.

What makes an Endicott Scholar a scholar?

  • Scholars believe that college is not just a chance to prepare for a career; it is an opportunity to develop their knowledge and wrestle with new ideas. They are excited to explore new ideas outside of their chosen majors and to meet Endicott students who are in majors other than their own.
  • Scholars are ready to work hard to maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA each semester. They recognize that honors courses and their corresponding events are a priority that may take precedence over other extra-curricular commitments such as athletics and jobs.
  • Scholars understand that the choices they make in and out of the classroom must reflect the highest standards.
  • Scholars think of themselves as intellectually curious. They enjoy reading challenging articles, essays, and other material on a variety of topics. They want to learn more about how to be an academic writer and a “scholar.”
  • Scholars who are most successful in the Endicott Scholars program pay attention to current events and popular culture. They are interested in writing about and analyzing elements of popular/everyday culture.
Alyssa Olsen
"Being an Endicott Scholar has given me the confidence to vocalize my observations, to push myself towards my goals, and to find creative solutions to obstacles thrown in my path, and I will keep these lessons with me long past graduation."