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Sustainability Initiatives

Food and Dining

We work together with our partner, Sodexo, to ensure that our food and dining services on campus live up to sustainability standards.

  • Waste Reduction
    • In 2010, we started a tray-less program and reduced food waste by 30%.
    • Since 2012, we have eliminated the use of thousands of styrofoam containers through the use of reusable to-go containers. Students who wish to take out food can provide a deposit for a reusable container, and they can return the used container for a clean one on their next visit.
  • Recycling and Waste Management
    • Our dining services recycles steel, cardboard, and plastics.
    • Every week we compost four tons of food waste at a nearby farm.
    • Every day we donate 40 pounds of left-over food to charity.
  • Sustainable Food Choices
    • Our menus offer complete vegetarian options for every meal.
    • We use sustainably harvested fish, fair-trade coffee and tea, and a large percent of our produce comes from local sources.
    • Students and staff manage two raised beds on campus, where they tend to the garden and harvest plants for other students to enjoy. The soil in the garden is from Brick-Ends Farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts.
    • The campus raised beds produce cherry tomatoes, kale, basil, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, and thyme.


We help staff and students choose sustainable transportation options such as shared cars, electric cars, bikes, and public transportation.
  • Car Share

    We encourage students to consider using Zipcar, a shared car program, instead of owning a car.

  • Biking

    Biking is a great option when the weather is nice. There are bike racks throughout campus and three miles of trails here at Endicott (also great for walking and hiking).

    Interested in biking all over the North Shore? Check out the Mass.Gov biking path list of nearby biking trails. Would you rather join an event? Every week there are gatherings for everyone at the Seaside Cycles site.

    Endicott is located near the historic Cabot Street lined with restaurants and shops. Among the shops are two local bike shops, Central Cycle and Browns of Beverly Bicycles. Stop by to get a new bike or have your existing bike repaired.

  • Public Transportation

    The MBTA makes it easy to get around the region. Endicott is a short ride to the Beverly Depot, where you can wait for the commuter rail and/or enjoy an evening meal at the Beverly Deport restaurant. View the the Newburyport/Rockport Line schedule here.

  • Shuttles

    We provide daily shuttles from our main campus to downtown Beverly, local malls, and the commuter rail.View the shuttle schedule here.

Buildings and Grounds

  • Green Building Design
    • Buildings throughout campus are equipped with energy efficient lighting such as LED lighting that dims when the space is unoccupied.
    • The Life Science and Business building, opened September 2013, is a model of green design. Lighting, temperature control, ventilation, and toilets are all designed to maximize efficiency.
    • We are reducing stormwater runoff with the green roof on the Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts and permeable pavement in our newest parking lot, all of which was featured in the March/April issue of the APPA Facilities Manager magazine. 
  • Landscaping and Grounds
    • We manage more than 15 percent of the campus organically. We pay special attention to environmentally significant areas like our beaches and the Endicott Lakes.
    • Our staff and volunteers are always working to fight back invasive plants with natural methods. Where possible, we plant native species.
    • In 2014, our grounds manager and environmental coordinator released 3,000 ladybugs into the College greenhouse to combat aphids that had taken residence on many plants.
    • Our campus features apple and pear trees, two raised beds that provide herbs and vegetables, and a greenhouse for winter gardening.
    • Food waste from the dining halls is composted and then used in the raised garden beds, creating a full circle food production.

Water Use

  • Drinking Water

    Endicott's drinking water comes from surface water reservoirs in Beverly and Hamilton. The water supply system is managed by the Beverly-Salem Water Supply Board. Waste water is treated at the Salem Waste Water treatment plant.

  • Low-Flow Fixtures

    We have installed low-flow fixtures for toilets to reduce water use. There are two flush settings: push up to flush with 0.8 gallons, and push down to use 1.6 gallons. You decide which you need.